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8th Congress Of Soviets Of The RSFSR 1920 Badge.

A question has been raised in this string as to how many badges have been issued. I would break that question down to how many "different badges" have been issued. The total number of all badges will be addressed second.

As pointed out there are more than 40 different republics, if you count just Union Republic and Autonomous Republic, plus the Soviet Union. But there are lots more than that even at the Union level. According to the USSR constitution Autonomous Krais and Districts got representation at the Union Level so they should have similar quality badges. SO southern Osetia has badges or did before abolishing. Similarly The Jewish Autonomous region had badges, whether anybody went there on not.

There were 11 Congresses of Soviets plus one COngress of people's deputies. And before the change there were Convocations of Central Executive Committess the TsIK or Seek badges of the 20's and 30's. Each republic had a different number of congresses based on when it was established. But flag pin badges were not used for each.

The second Congress of Soviets was called in November 1917 before there was an official RED FLAG. It appears the flag pins did not take over until some time between 1922 and 1924. There is one picture of Lenin that has not been touched up with Lenin wearing a flag pin. HE only lived to January 1924. THe first congress was 1922 the second 1924. Did he get a pin for th second congress before it opened? IF not his pin came from the first Convocation and interestingly is of a type that is much more rare.

In addition there are pictures of him at the 3Rd Congress of Comintern. They used flag pins later but at the third conference he is wearing a pin resembling the "Three years of Komintern" rectangular pin. Not a flag pin so they appear to have come later.

But back to how many all total, I have identified about 280 different pins thus far (Flag pins) based on just observation from the front, Ignoring mint mark MMD or MD or pinback screwback, but considering Silver verses Bronze as a difference. I have not see all of them, but they must exist because there were congresses for those republics.

I am attaching a favorite NON flag pin though. I would have started a fresh string but it fits here. Pin from the 8th Congress of Soviets of the RSFSR 1920, not in flag pin style. Round with five railroads along the path to the letters RSFSR. Star in the center and note the 8. I obtained in Moscow from a flag pin collector who got as a duplicate sold off by the Museum of the Revolution in the early 90's.

If you have AVERS 2, badge No. 285.
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