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Re: Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the show!

I don't know about combining collecting with gaming but there certainly are some crossovers. I know there are so many great games out there that offer an insight (some are more informed than others) into Soviet awards.

Microsoft's Close Combat III: The Russian Front (later released as Cross Of Iron by Matrix) award combatants after battle but a WIA/KIA is an instant OPW2 and the higher "theatre command" type awards were awarded for kill quotas. Worst of all Lenin was completely missing. I suppose having the awards there is an extra part of the game where the player as commander can attempt to inspire his men to greater feats but more often than not it ended with all the boys KIA or MIA.

Blitzkrieg was a bit of a game changer for that genre as it opened up gameplay to logistics. No logistical support - no battle. I don't think I bothered with Blitzkrieg 2 as the Russian produced "Soldiers" series had begun.

I've spent many an hour on Hearts Of Iron 2 and the spin offs/mods for it. Lots of fun to be had.

There is another game where you lead contemporary nations called Leaders Of The World where you act as a head of state. I played as DPRK to give it a try and within 2 years had annex the ROK, had all UN sanctions lifted, become a permanent member of the security council, had an economic growth of c1500% and produced c97% of the annual automobile output - seemed a bit too easy.

There are just so many Patriotic War and Cold War games out there they are too many to list but it is great to see their entertainment expanding the interests of others into something a little more reality based.
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