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Old 03-27-2010, 04:15 PM   #1
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Medal "For Strengthening Brotherhood In Arms".

That's what the seller calls it - Czech "military brotherhood" medal. Even though it looks like the Bulgarian lion, the text is in a Latin alphabet, so I can see it being Czech.

But, my real question is would this be the equivalent of the Soviet "Strengthening Military Cooperation"?

Also, in a related matter, I never got an answer to my question about Eastern Bloc medals unlike this one with no actual device on it to pin the medal on, then how does/did they do it? (I see the pin on this one, but I have others from Poland and Romanian with nothing but ribbon.)

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Czech "Military Brotherhood" medal?

Strictly, this is called "Brotherhood in Arms" medal, and I think it could be equivalent to the soviet "strenghening military cooperation" one.

BTW regarding pinless suspension medals, i´ve seen ones sewn right onto the uniform (Poland) and Romanian medal bars sewn onto a thicker piece of cloth with a big pin in it. Strange that these last ones didn´t use multiple place suspensions to attach them though.

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Re: Medal "For Strengthening Brotherhood In Arms".

The Medal "For Strengthening Brotherhood In Arms" (Medaile "Za Upevňování Přátelství Ve Zbrani") was founded on 4th March 1970 by decree #16. Awarded to officers of the Warsaw Pact for strengthening international military cooperation.

Gold was for Commander (The top brass)
Silver for Mid-Level Officers (Majors-Colonels)
Bronze was for lower level Officers ("Out in the field")

Here is a Silver or 2nd Class example to a Bulgarian "Brother".
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