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Mongolian People's Republic Бүгд Найрамдах Монгол Ард Улс 26th November 1924 - 13th February 1992

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I have compiled a list of the types and variations of the Mongolian orders & medals. This list is based purely on information I have found on the internet, and is bound to contain errors. If you spot some, please tell me. Also, if you have orders of which the SN is out of range for the numbers I mention, again please let me know. All information is welcome.
Read as follows:

Name of the Order/Type-Variation/Herfurth number/Description of the differences/Number of awards/Low SN/High SN


Hero of the MPR
T1/10 pieces
T2/M1/90 pieces

Hero of Labour of the MPR
T1/M2/ScrewBack - 3 rivets - hand engraved SN/400pieces/Low13/High242

Honorary Freeman of the MPR

Suche Bator
T1/M4.1/SB - 4 rivets/1000pieces/low185/high788
T2/M4.2/70s PinBack/700pieces/low839/high2006

Order for Military Valor (600pieces for V1&V2)
T1 V1/M5.1/Small star - 3 makers marks - no SN/low-/high-
T2 V1/M5.2/Big star - small Mondvor - rivets near edge - SN: N°XXX/low188/high613
2x award M5.3

Red Banner order for military valor - 2300pieces(V1-V2-V3) -
T1 V1/M6.1/3 rivets - Mondvor/low110
T1 V2/M6.1/3 rivets - Monetnyi Dvor/low 44
T1 V3 S1/M6.1/4 rivets - Monetnyi Dvor - SN 6 o'clock/low306/high2401
T1 V3 S2/M6.1/4 rivets - Monetnyi Dvor - SN under SP/low1240/high2581/
2x award/M6.2
3x award
4x award
/4 rivets - Monetnyi Dvor/low143/high150

Order Red Combat Banner
T1/M7.1.1/3 rivets - SN under screwpost - Some have Cyrillic "B" MM/3000pieces/low98/high2640
2x award/M7.1.2/Low12
3x award/M7.1.3
4x award/M7.1.4
T2 V1/M7.2/70s PB - 3 rivets - SN 12 o'clock/3000pieces (V1&V2)/Low3160/High4449
T2 V2/M7.2/70s PB - 2 rivets - SN 5 o'clock/low4685/high5380

Order for Civil Valor (300 piecesT1&T2)
T1/M8/Small star - 3 makers marks - no SN
T2/M8/Mondvor - SN: N°xxx/low126/high165

Order of Labour Glory (1100 piecesV1&V2)
T1 V1/M9/Monetnyi Dvor under screwpost/low398/high2325
T1 V2/M9/Monetnyi Dvor 12 o'clock/low1837/high2315

Order of the RB of Labour
T1/M10.1/1940's Screwback/4000 pieces/low106/high3712
T2/M10.2/70s PB/2000 pieces/low4167/high5975

Order for Combat Service
founded 1945
T1 V1/M11.1/SB 5 rivets/low101/high840 (5000 pieces V1&V2)
T1 V2/M11.1/SB 2 rivets/low1038/high5873
T2/M11.2/70s PB-4 rivets/2000pieces/low6036/high8722

Order of the Polar Star
T1:1936-1939 - 300 pieces

T2: 1939-1941 - 2000 pieces
T2 V1 S1/M12.2/Uighur - SN 6 o'clock - upward curved Monetnyi Dvor 12 o'clock/low256/high2831
T2 V1 S2/M12.2/Uighur - SN under SP - downward curved Monetnyi Dvor 12 o'clock/low 1617/high 1861

T3: 1941-1970 - 12000 pieces
T3V1/M12.3/Cyrillic - concave rev - SN 7o'clock/low88/high6313
T3 V2/M12.3/Cyrillic - flat rev - SN under screwpost/low5094/high9941
T3 V3/M12.3/Cyrillic - flat rev - SN 6 o'clock/low10007/high14958

T4: 1970-??? - 16000pieces
T4/M12.4/70s PB - 3 rivets - SN 6 o'clock/low15074/high30409

T5: anno 2000
T5V2 no SN

I hope this is not to confusing, on the exell sheet it looks very good & it is easy to read.
Some more info:
SB= screwback
PB= pinback
SN= Serial number
SP= Screwpost

If there are any questions, or any order you would like to see, ask me, because I have pictures of all of them.

Order of Mother's Glory 1st Class - founded 1957
200000 pieces T1 & T2
T1 V1/M13.1/SB - Hand engraved SN - 2 piece construction/low19/high9176
T1 V2/M13.1/SB - Rotating tool SN - 2 piece construction/low14122/high55198
T2/M13.1/Order style PB - 1 piece construction/low60054/high??

Order of Mother's Glory 2nd Class
300000 pieces T1 & T2
T1 V1/M13.2/SB - Hand engraved SN - 2 piece construction/low200/high49238
T1 V2/M13.2/SB - Rotating tool SN - 2 piece construction/low52404/high169768
T2 V1/M13.2/Order style PB - 1 piece construction/low170577/high197624
T2 V2/M13.2/Simple PB - 1 piece construction/low182020/high191632

Medal for Combat Service - founded May 16th, 1941
25000 pieces T1, T2 & T3
T1 V1/M20/SB - cloth ribbon - SN: N°XXX (by hand) - seperate ring/low401/high1763
T1 V2/M20/SB - cloth ribbon - SN: XXXX (by hand) - seperate ring/low2146/high9263
T2/M20/PB - cloth ribbon - rotating tool SN - ring part of medal/low10020/high16999
T3 V1/M20/PB - Enamel ribbon - rotating tool SN - ring part of medal/low18775/high23354
T3 V2/M20/PB - Enamel ribbon - NO SN - ring part of medal

Honorary Labour Medal - founded May 16th, 1941
15000 pieces T1 & 15000 pieces T2
T1 V1/M21.1/Uighur - cloth ribbon - SN: N°XXX (by hand)/low214/high985
T1 V2 S1/M21.1/Uighur - cloth ribbon - SN: XXXX (by hand) - seperatly soldered ring/low1569/high11953
T1 V2 S2/M21.1/Uighur - cloth ribbon - SN: XXXX (by hand)+N° written above SN/low10663/high10668
T1 V3/M21.1/Uighur - cloth ribbon - SN: XXXX (by hand) - ring part of medal/low12001/high16519
T2 V1/M21.2/SB - Cyrillic - cloth ribbon - Stamped SN/low16785/high21206
T2 V2/M21.2/PB - Cyrillic - cloth ribbon - rotating tool SN/low22527/high35869
T3/M21.2/PB - Cyrillic - Enamel ribbon - rotating tool SN/low1401/high2052
T4/PB - Cyrillic - enamel ribbon - Rotating tool SN - aluminium - NEW PROD.?/low737/high4310

Khalkin Gol Medal - founded August 16th, 1940
T1 V1/M22/ Mirror reverse - Silverplated bronze - no SN
(T1 V2/M22/Mirror reverse - Silver - I read somewhere these are supposed to exist, but I have no proof whatsoever)

Medal for Unselflishness - founded 1957
500 pieces T1 & T2
T1 V1/M23.1/Painted/Red-blue/SN(stamped)/low10/high21
T1 V2/M23.1/Enameled/Red-blue/SN(st)/low280/high381
T1 V3/M23.1/Enameled/Red-blue/Green enamel laurel leaves/SN(?)
T2 V1/M23.2/Enameled/Red/SN rotating tool/low1027/high???
T2 V2/M23.2/Enameled/Red/No SN

Medal for the Victory over Japan - founded November 29th, 1945
60000 pieces
T1 V1/M24/Stamped SN - +-2mm thick/low111/high38122
T1 V2/M24/Stamped SN - +-1mm thick/low50993/high51592

T2/M24/Russian type suspension for foreigners - stamped SN/low25767
This may be the work of a veteran rather than an official variation.

Medal 25th anniversary MPR - founded February 14th, 1946
30000 pieces
T1 V1/M25.1/Stamped SN - fat letters XXV/low308/high8904
T1 V2/M25.1/Stamped SN - slim letters XXV/low10327/high20008
T2/M25.2/For foreigners no SN

Distinguished functionary
T1 V1/M47/Numbered - high Q enamel/low???/high???
T1 V2/M47/SN rotating tool - low Q enamel local production/low0008/high786
T2/M47/No SN

Dist Herdsman
T1/# design - Uighur/low346/high399
T2/# design - Cyrillic - no SN
T3V1/M45.1/Uighur - mirror reverse/low357/high3427
T3V2/M45.1/Uighur - flatback/low4379/high???
T4/M45.2/Cyrillic - SN ???

UAKhV Dist employee (State Security Service - cfr KGB )
T1/#design - uighur - SN/Low148
T2/# design - Uighur - 3maker marks - no SN
T3 V1/M46.1/silver - 3 maker marks - numbered/low48/high774
T3 V2/M46.1/gilted - 3 maker marks - numbered/low426/high???
T4/1970's emblem - AKhB inscription - no mm - no SN
T5/M46.2/1970's emblem - no AKhB inscription - no mm - no SN

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Old 06-13-2004, 11:22 AM   #2
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Nice job


Which edition of Herfurth Catalogue are you using as a reference?
I ask because for example as far as the Order of the Red Combat Banner is concerned, there is no "M7.3" in my 4th edition of the Catalogue!

Also, for M7.1.1: All those that have that kind of engraved circle like a "o" at 12o'clock, do they all also have the Cyrilic "B" ? Or the Cyrilic "B" can bee seen also in those not having that kind of circle?
So, you don't consider these two T1 as different variations? Sub-variations, maybe?

Nice job anyway :)



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Old 06-14-2004, 03:44 AM   #3
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I'm still at Herfurth 3, but of course there is no M7.3, my mistake, it is also a M7.2.
The "O" is not necessarily on the 12 o'clock position, I have n°2488 and the "O" is on the 8 o'clock position, and no "B". I have not seen enough other orders to say we are talking about other Types or (sub-) variations. That's why I only mention it on the side as extra information.
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Old 06-14-2004, 07:25 AM   #4
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Great work Jan,
very good indeed. ;)

Everybody's equal, But some more than others!
"Those who come to us with the sword - will be killed by the sword" - Alexander Nevski
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Old 06-14-2004, 09:49 AM   #5
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So the Cyrillic "B" can be seen on those pieces having the circle "O" (I believe all - just a few - I've seen with the circle "O" had it at 12o'clock, that's why I tought it was always in that position) and also on the other pieces without the "O" ? Or only on the pieces having the "O" ?

Any other observations, guys?


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Old 06-15-2004, 01:08 PM   #6
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Well, that should be more or less it (for now)
Any suggestions, corrections, additions, more than welcome/

AND PLEASE, PLEASE look at your own orders, check the serial numbers, and help complete the list.

If anybody has award documents, please post the award number with corresponding date of issue, as far as I know there no such information available for the moment.

I hope the list will useful to you guys,

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Old 08-17-2004, 02:19 AM   #7
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Hi, here is some new numbers for your Database

1. Honorary Labour Medal T2 V3 SN 1390

2. Order of The Polar Star T3 V3 SN 2242 ?
Se pictures enclosed , discolouring in pic is from the scanner
I am 100% sure the number is original.

Christer :)
Attached Images
File Type: jpg polarstar1.jpg (40.0 KB, 78 views)
File Type: jpg polarstar2.jpg (8.2 KB, 72 views)

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Old 08-17-2004, 02:31 AM   #8
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Hi Christer,
Thanks for your help.

I think your OPS is actually a T3 V1 with the serial number on the 7 o'clock position. To be on the 6 o'clock position, it would be on the point of the star rather than just next to it. Your order has actually been turned about 20 degrees on the picture

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Old 11-22-2004, 05:15 AM   #9
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Are Mongolian awards faked as much as Soviet ones?
A collector from Québec!!
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Old 11-22-2004, 05:26 AM   #10
new world
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Originally Posted by dannybou
Are Mongolian awards faked as much as Soviet ones?
I think only the most expensive ones are faked.

Majority of the awards are quite reasonable in price and it would cost more to fake them (enamel work is complex) than the selling rates is.

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