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Soviet Orders Physical Characteristics, History, Types/Variations, Identification, Collecting Stories, anything relevant to the collecting of authentic Soviet Orders (Ордена СССР) is here.

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Old 03-16-2002, 12:56 AM   #1
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Suvorov III,

I've always found this one interesting because it mentions one of the link ups with the Americans on the Elbe. He was originally put in for a Nevskii but received a Suvorov 3rd Cl instead.


1. Last name, name and Patronymic—Ishchenko, Petr Andreevich .
2. Rank—Lt. Colonel. 3. Duty Title, unit—Chief of Staff, 13th Independent Tank
Destroyer Artillery Brigade .
3. Submitted for the award of—Order of "Aleksandr Nevskii" .
4. Date of Birth—1905. 5. Nationality—Ukrainian .
6. Party Affiliation—member of the Communist Party .
7. Participation in the Civil War and subsequent combat operations in the
defense of the USSR in the Patriotic War--Patriotic War since 1942 .
8. Wounds or contusions in the Patriotic War—none .
9. In the Red Army since—February, 1940 .
10. Sponsored by which Revolutionary Committee—Shpetolskii RVK, 1940 .
11. Earlier awards—Medal "For Combat Merit" by Order of 10th Army #0255 from .
24-4-42, Patriotic War 1st Class, Order #0182 from 8-8-44 2nd Belor. Front, "Red .
Banner" by Order of the 2nd Belor. Front #05 from 4-1-45 .
12. Permament home address (of the award submittee or his
family)—Kievskaya Oblast', Shpolitskim Region, Pebedich Zavod. Wife: .
Ishchenko-Fedinichenko, Ol'ga Kondrat'evno.

Brief description of the personal combat exploits or merits

During the battle to eliminate an enemy strong point southwest of KÖNIGSBERG and the approaches to the city of BRAUNSBERG in the period from 19 to 25 March, he displayed maximum energy and selflessness in the correct organization of brigade staff operations for directing brigade units in cooperation with other branches of service. The timely and correct situational orientation, constant reconnaissance of the enemy and providing this to the brigade commander, allowed for a final possibility in a timely manner to make responsible decisions, allowing the brigade to successfully complete its mission. The brigade assisted the 53rd Rifle Corps to take several city blocks in BRAUNSBERG and to liquidate an encircled enemy unit along the corps' route of march. During this period, the brigade destroyed 3 tanks, 2 self-propelled weapons, and 4 enemy artillery pieces. During the transfer of the brigade to the 2nd Belorussian Front, he, together with the brigade commander, smartly organized the march and route of march, as a result of which the brigade units completed a 700 kilometer relocation from the area of KÖNIGSBERG to the area of SCHWEDT in two days, attacking in full strength along with 3rd Guards Cavalry Corps and covering a distance of 200 kms in battle over a short period of time, and finally linking-up with the American 13th Corps of the allied forces.
During the actions of the brigade with the 3rd GKK, regardless of the dangerously exposed forward units, he successfully and skillfully overcame difficulties in directing the brigade's units, and as a consequence, the units successfully advanced forward with minimal losses in equipment and manpower, assisting the cavalry in taking the cities of BRAUNSBERG, PERLBERG, WITTENBERG, LENTSEN, and finally reaching the ELBE river, leaving behind the remnants of enemy units by such maneuvers.
During the period from 27.4.45 to 4.5.45, the brigade destroyed up to 300 soldiers and officers, 22 strong points, 58 vehicles, 5 artillery pieces, 7 armored personnel carriers, 4 tanks and took as war booty 8 tanks, 3-75mm batteries, and other equipment, while taking 240 soldiers and officers prisoner.
For excellent organizational work in the brigade staff for directing regiments, assisting the brigade commander in the organization of assault operations along with accompanying cavalry fire and tracked vehicles and attaining success in these operations, he has attained the Governmental Award of the Order of "ALEKSANDER NEVSKII."

Commander, 13th Upper-Dnieper Red Banner Order of Suvorov 3rd Class Aleksandr Nevskii Independent Tank-Destroyer Brigade, High Command Reserve
I. Kileev /KILEEV/

"14" May, 1945
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Excellent work, one question..are those numbers citation numbers? for example #0255, #0182, #05..


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Old 05-11-2002, 03:44 PM   #3
Tal Inbar
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Suvorov - pin back version?

What's that????

It is order of Suvorov, screw back version with convertion to a pin back configuration. Maybe the awardee didn't want to make big hole in his uniform...
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Ed Maier
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Is the pin back structure a seperate piece from the Order? It looks like a plate that screws onto the post. If this is so, I have a complete group in my collection where the veteran cut down the posts and added a similar pin back structure to the reverses of every item, including the posts on his medal bars. The family said that he used to wear all of his decorations every Sunday and didn't want to damage his suits.
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Old 05-11-2002, 09:56 PM   #5
Nota Bene
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I agree with Ed, it looks like a custom made conversion. i have seen a Khmelnitsky 3rd Class mutilated in a very similar way.
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Old 05-12-2002, 12:07 AM   #6
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I saw the group included Kutuzov 1, Suvorov 2, 2 Red Stars. All screwbacks were custom made converted to pins. The veteran didn’t want to damage his costumes. It was not rare.
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Old 09-15-2002, 01:30 AM   #7
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Here's a rather poor translation of a Suvorov 3rd Class citation. I do not speak Russian so I rely heavily on Alta Vista and my Katzner Dictionary. Of particular interest is that one of the signatures approving the award is that of General - Colonel Chuikov.

Major El'tsov, Commander of the 63rd Independent Motorised-Pontoon-Bridge Battalion, during the crossing of the River Oder by units of the 8th Guards Army, He provided for 10 hours, two ferry crossings which carried loads between 30 and 60 tons.
During this time, under pressure from enemy artillery fire and bombardment from aircraft, these crossings twice went out of order. Major Yel’tsov remained always at the crossings, personally leading the restoration of the crossings so that tanks and artillery could continue to the West bank of the River Oder ensuring the rapid accumulation of the 8th Guards Army for a decisive offensive attack.
After learning of the order to build a bridge that could withstand loads of 60 tons with a length of 250 metres in the vicinity of Kustrin, Major Yel’tsov led and organised the work in spite of the continued destruction of the spans of the bridge and the loss of personnel from artillery fire and enemy aviation. The construction of the bridge was completed by his unit twenty four hours ahead of schedule. This bridge played a major role in the passage of heavy loads and equipment to the bridgehead for the decisive advance.
With this breach in the German defences along the River Oder and the gains of the leading attackers toward the River Spree and Teltov Canal in the vicinity of Berlin, Major El'tsov in a short time ensured the passage of troops to the Western shore contributing to the encirclement of the garrison of German troops in the City of Berlin and the destruction of the Berlin Garrison.
For the outstanding fulfilment of the task of commanding the crossing of the troops of the 8th Guards Army, ensuring the exploitation of the encirclement and liquidation of the Berlin Garrison, Major El'tsov deserves to be awarded the government order of Suvorov 3rd Class.

Again, not a great interpretation, but you get the general idea.

I'm curious about the serial number ranges of Suvorov 3rd Class awards. According to McDaniel, 3163 individuals and 849 units (total = 4012) received this order. Also according to McDaniel, the highest number observed as of the time of his book was 11554. Does anyone have additional serial numbers and dates they can add to the list at the bottom of this post? The front or unit awarding it would be interesting to know as well. There must be some very large gaps in the serial ranges awarded. Has anyone ever encountered a Suvorov 3rd that was not awarded?

I'm thinking this would be an interesting topic of research because the number of awards is limited and because I assume that most people who have one in their collection have had it researched as opposed to other more common orders. Maybe I won't be able to reach any conclusions but I think it would be interesting to see what trends may develop.

If you have research for Suvorov 3rd Class orders, please post it here or PM me. I will post what I find out (if anything) when I get more data.

All the best,


Award Number/Date of Award/Front

1 1943-02-08
49 1943-07-25 Major Solomahin, commander of 106 field engineer battalion - Leningrad Front
2142 1945-04-19 2nd Ukrainian Front
2453 1945-06-09
2666 1956-12-18 Hungarian Uprising (38th Army)
7869 1943-10-10 Central Front
8280 1943-11 (Deed) 4th Ukrainian Front
8579 1943-12-24 3rd Ukrainian Front
9331 1945-03-03
10288 1945-07-17 1st Byelorussian Front
10968 1945-05-30 1st Byelorussian Front
11554 1945-06-14 2nd Byelorussian Front
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Old 02-10-2003, 04:12 PM   #8
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Suvorov 1st Class


I was talking with a friend and the conversation started to lean tward Ultra expensive awards... I said Tractor Lenin must be right at the top. He said close; Suvorov 1st Class would sell in the nighborhood of $35,000 and Tractor Lennin @ $25,000...

This is my question: Has anyone seen a Suvorov 1 for sale?
...if not, is $35,000 a realistic or way over the top price?
How many are believed to be in private hands?
What about Tractor Lennin?

I personally believe that Suvorov1 is a beautifull order and one of the best looking overall.

What do you guys think about the prices and availability...?


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Old 02-16-2003, 01:22 PM   #9
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Hi Rusty, yesterday a friend (high-end collector in Paris) told me a souvorov 1st class was sold in an auction in Fontenainebleau near Paris one week ago.
It belonged to one of ours famous generals, Gal Marie Pierre Koenig, and was proposed with its diploma. Koenig won the battle of Bir Hakeim, and was later commander of the french ocupation zone in BRD from 45 to 49.

The souvorov has been sold to 6000 euros approx; quite a nice invoice but a good deal compared to nakhimov or ouchakov 2st, or koutouzov 1st sold by reliable dealers at 10000usd!

Why such a low price? we haven't as many millionairs as the USA, and almost, USSR stands a bit exotic and too recent for the majority of french collectors.
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Old 02-16-2003, 02:48 PM   #10
new world
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Are you sure the auction price was 6,000 and not 60,000? That 6,000 seems way too low!!!!

Suvorov 1st class is probably the rarest Soviet order (besides Victory) and hence the most expensive one. Most of the awards are in the museums and will never reach the collectors market.

I heard that a Suvorov 1st belonged to Marshal Sokolov (post WWII award, from 60s or 70s period) was sold to a US collector for around $30,000 two years ago.

There were also rumors of Suvorov 1st belonged to Marshal Bagramyan for sale just recently (within the last couple of years). I am not sure what the price was.


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