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Red Banner,107213,Deputy Commander,69th Mechanised Brigade,Western Ukraine

Record card

Last name: Mamoshin
First name: Ivan
Patronymic: Ivanovich
Rank: Senior Lieutenant
Duty position and unit: Deputy battalion commander in the 69th Mechanized Brigade
Awarded: Order of the Red Banner by Order nr. 066/N of 29 April 1944, for combat with the German invaders
Home address: 3rd Guards Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front

Personal particulars

1. Year of birth: 1913
2. Place of birth:
3. Party membership and period: Not a member
4. Nationality: Russian
5. Period of service in the Red Army:
6. Awarding data is located in file nr.:
Awards presented: Order of the Red Banner nr. 107213, temporary certificate nr. V-046946
Other remarks:

Award sheet

1. Last name, first name, patronymic: Mamoshin, Ivan Ivanovich
2. Rank: Senior Lieutenant
3. Duty position, unit: Deputy commander for combat affairs of the 2nd Motorized Rifle Battalion, 69th Mechanized Brigade, 9th Mechanized Corps
Recommended for: Order of the Red Banner
4. Year of birth: 1913
5. Nationality: Russian
6. Party membership: Not a member
7. Participation in the Civil War, the following combat actions for the defense of the USSR, and the Patriotic War: Krim Front from 1 September to 10 November 1941, Northcaucasian Front from 5 June 1942 to 10 August 1942, 1st Ukrainian Front from 20 November 1943
8. Suffered wounds and contusions in the Patriotic War: No
9. Since when in the Red Army: Since February 1940
10. Drafted by which RVK: Sevastopol RVK
11. Which earlier awards (for which merits): Not awarded
12. Permanent home address of the recommendee and the address of his family: City of Chkalov, Soviet Street, house 17, apartment 36 (wife: Klavdia Ivanovna Mamoshina)

Short, concrete description of personal combat feat or merits:

As deputy battalion commander, comrade Mamoshin showed himself a courageous, brave, and decisive commander during the entire period of combat. During the fighting for the town of Bazalia on 5 March 1944, comrade Mamoshin, located with the 1st Rifle Company, ordered the company forward, and was the first to burst into the town of Bazalia, killing up to a platoon of enemy soldiers in the process. Commanding the foremost detachment during the fighting for the town of Kupel on 8 March 1944, comrade Mamoshin inspired the men by personal example, and through an assault with the foremost detachment captured the southern outskirts of the town of Kupel, hereby killing up to 30 enemy soldiers and officers and neutralizing three firing points. Comrade Mamoshin deserves the state award "Order of the Red Banner".

Commander of the 2nd Mechanized Rifle Battalion
Senior Lieutenant [signature] /Kozak/
10 March 1944

Deserves the state award "Order of the Red Banner".

Commander of the 69th Mechanized Brigade
Hero of the Soviet Union
Guards Colonel [signature] /Sukhovarov/
17 March 1944

I recommend him for the state award "Order of the Red Banner".

Commander of the 9th Mechanized Red Banner Kiev Zhitomir Corps
Guards Lieutenant General [signature] /Sukhov/
19 April 1944

Is to be awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

Commander of 3rd Guards Tank Army
Guards Colonel General [signature] /Rybalko/

Member of the Military Counsil of the army
Guards Major General of Tank Troops [signature] /Melnikov/
29 April 1944
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