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Red Banner,10825,Western Siberia.

May as well put him here. I have the full group.


"From Decree for 209/8th Turkistan Rifle Regiment of 15 July 1920, #29 Paragraph 1, regarding the combat personnel.

"I announce the copy of the Decree for the 1st Army, #210, of 6 July of this year for the administrative department.

"Paragraph 1. Based on the RVSR [Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic] Decree on 1919, #511 concerning the decree #2322 of the same year, the following servicemen are awarded the Order of the Red Banner for their combat feats:

"2. Commander of 9th Platoon, 209th Vitebsk Rifle Regiment, LAVRINOVICH Vatslav Bronislavovich.

"On 15 June 1919 during the fight near Uzbekovo comrade Lavrinovich commanded 9th Platoon of 209th regiment. He skillfully led his platoon on the right flank of the battalion combat order, inspired his men by personal example of courage, and managed to withstand and repel an enemy attack. After intensive artillery preparations using heavy and light artillery the enemy launched a second attack. [Lavrinovich] without regard to his life stood firm as a true warrior, put himself in the most dangerous spots, and held the position. The enemy desperately attacked for the third time in his sector and got as close as 40 paces from his position. At that point Comrade Lavrinovich shouted 'Hurray' and jumped out at the enemy, leading his company and the entire battalion. With a lightning and powerful bayonet charge he broke the enemy resistance and turned it into a panicky flight. During the pursuit Comrade Lavrinovich was all the time at the head of the infantry line. When the enemy made an attempt to stand near the villages of Bol'shoye Utyashevo and Zelim-Karamovo, he was on both occasions the first to throw himself before the enemy and continued to lead the pursuit of the destroyed enemy troops.

"Commander of the 1st Army Zinov'ev.
“Member of the Revolutionary Military Council Paskutsky.
"Chief of Staff Shefolovich.

"True copy: clerk [signed]"

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