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For Bravery,U/N 1988,Gunner,180th Motorised Rifle Regiment,Afghanistan


1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: K*
2. Rank: Private
3. Duty position: Gunner – 1 Motorized Rifle Company, 180 Motorized Rifle Regiment, 108 Motorized Rifle Division, 40 Combined Arms Army, Turkestan Military District
4. In service: since 1987
5. Date of Birth: 196*, city of K*
6. Nationality: Russian
7. Party membership: Comsomol member since 198*
8. Prior conflict participation: n/a
9. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a
10. Inducted: Tashkent
11. Previous awards: n/a
12. Home of record: Karakalpakstan ASSR
13. Recommendation for: In the Republic of Afghanistan since May 1987

While in the Regiment, he has participated in eleven operations to liquidate rebel bands, during which time he proved himself a bold and decisive warrior-internationalist.
He especially excelled on 2 June 1988 near N.P. Varikar. During a clearing operation, the snatch group was located in a ravine and the rebels began to fire. Private K* noticed the enemy firing positions and using the relief of the terrain, maneuvered around to the rear of the rebels and with his automatic weapons fire killing a mortar crew and a sniper-rifleman.

Conclusion: For bravery and heroism displayed while fulfilling his internationalist duty on the territory of the Republic of Afghanistan, he is deserving of the Bravery Medal.

Signed Acting Commander, 180 Motorized Rifle Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel M* on 5 June 1988
Endorsed Commander, 108 Motorized Rifle Division, General-Major V. Barysnkin on 18 June 1988
Judged favorably by the Army Military Council on 5.7.1988 on Report #30. Endosed. Signed Acting Commander, 40 Combined Arms Army, General-Major (?) on 20.7.1988

Awarded the Bravery Medal by Edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet USSR dated 8.12.1988
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