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Red/Soviet Army Award Groups Award Groups of Red/Soviet Army Personnel of the Great Patriotic War, Cold War and other conflicts.

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Sup'jan, David Mironovich, Section Staff Head, 118th Heavy Howitzer Artillery Brigade

His rather tragic story has not been presented in full, so here it is.

What follows is based on partial translations/summaries from another forum, which are a bit jumbled. Sorry. I don't have full translations of much of the research.

David Mironovich Supyan, born in city of Polotsk 15 June 1919. "Hebrew," of clerical family out of working class background
CPSU 1943. Was expelled from the CPSU 2.12.47 for theft.
Belorussian and Jewish.
Wife Galina Ise(a?)kovna born 1920: daughter Lyudmila b. 1943, son Mikhail b. 1947

Order of the Red Star Nr. 311745 awarded 20.9.43
Order of the PW 2nd class Nr. 116666 awarded 24.8.44
Order of Alexander Nevsky Nr. 22.884 awarded 8.2.45
Order of the PW 1st class Nr. 206003 awarded 30.5.45
Medal for the Defense of Moscow
Medal for Victory over Germany
Medal for the Capture of Berlin
Medal for the Liberation of Warsaw
Medal for Combat Service w/o s/n awarded 20.6.49 (long service?)
Order of the Red Star Nr. 3154406 awarded 30.4.54 (long service?)

He studied for 3 years in the Art School in the city of Vitebsk (Belorussia) till August 1938. So he was an artist Then he entered an Artillery School... quite a turn in the priorities...

Sr Lt 1942
Captain 1942
Major 15.11.44 per 1st White Russian Front

Western Front 22 June 1941 to March 1943 (lightly wounded 27.2.42 in Smolensk Oblast-- which is a VERY painful place to be hit). Bryansk Front March to October 1943, 1st White Russian Front October 1943 to 9 May 1945

QUESTION #23: Found guilty by an officers board for appropriating the tires of a light automobile. (But remained in the army, though with a "blot" on his service.)

Cadet 2nd Moscow Artillery School August 1938
Cadet 1st Leningrad Artillery School August 1939
Squad Leader 10th Artillery Rgt of 48th Rifles Division 5.10.40
Since May 10, 1940 he was a commander of a management platoon in 10th Artillery Regiment (48th Rifle Division).
CO of Reconnaissance Bn, 320th Something Artilley Rgt ("PAP") 28th Artillery West Front
Since 1941 he was a chief of reconnaissance of an artillery divizion (not Division) in 320th PAP of 28th Army, Western Front. In Russian PAP (ПАП) means Пушечный Артиллерийский Полк - Cannon (or Gun) Artillery Regiment. It was one type of Artillery Regiment used in Red Army. Another was GAP (ГАП) - Гаубичный Артиллерийский Полк (Howitzer Artillery Regiment).
Chief of staff, independent battery 364th Division Western Front - Next position - divizion's (not Division's) Chief of Staff in 364th Red Banner Howitzer Artillery Regiment (GAP) RGK.
Later he was a commander of a Staff Battery of 364th Red Banner Howitzer Artillery Regiment (GAP) RGK. RGK (РГК) means Резерва Главного Командования (Chief Commander's Reserve).
Bn CO 118.... 6th Art Div 3.6.44 - Next position - divizion's Chief of Staff in 118th TGABr, 6th Artillery Division. ТГАБр (TGABr) - means Heavy Howitzer Artillery Brigade - Тяжелая Гаубичная Артиллерийская Бригада. After 1943 many Artillery Regiments of RGK were transformed in Artillery Brigades that were united in Artillery Divisions (another name Breakthrough Artillery Divisions - Артиллерийская Дивизия Прорыва).
Deputy CO School.... 118... 6th Artillery Division
Since March 20, 1946 he was a Deputy of the Head of Officer Artillery School in 118th TGABr. Those schools were created in many units and provided additional training for junior officers who lack experience.
Since October 16, 1946 he hold the same position, but in 10th TGABr GSOVG. GSOVG (ГСОВГ) means Группа Советских Оккупационных Войск в Германии - A Group of Soviet Occupation Troops in Germany.
But DESPITE being expelled from the Party over The Tires Incident he was NOT cashiered from the army.
At disposal of CO Forces, Kiev Military District 28.2.50
CO of (Platoon Battery Course???) 706 .... Art Rgt - Then he was transferred to Kiev Military District in 1950 and served as a platoon commander in 706th Regular (Кадровый) Howitzer Artillery Regiment (5th Guards Regular Artillery Breakthrough Division RGK).
Staff CO Officers Cadre Battalion 67th Howitzer Artillery Rgt, 5th Guards Artillery Division... 30.4.51 - From 1951 he became divizion's Chief of Staff in 67th Howitzer Artillery Brigade in the same 5th Guards Artillery Breakthrough Division RGK.
Discharged to the Reserves 21.1.55
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