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For Bravery,U/N 1965,Deputy Company Commander,147th Guards Rifle Regiment,Wounds 1947

Award sheet

Served as Deputy Commander of a Rifle Platoon, 147th Guards rifle Regiment, 4th Guards Rifle Division on the Don Front. Currently he serves in the office of the Chief of the 3rd section of the Izhmorsk Region Military Commissariat, Senior Lieutenant Matvienko, Fedor Terent’evich deserves the Order of the Red Star

1. Year of birth: 1918
2. Nationality: Ukrainian
3. Social standing: Military-Careerman
4. Party membership: Not a member
5. Since when in the Red Army: Since 1938
6. Participation in the Civil War, the subsequent combat actions to defend the USSR, and the Patriotic War (where and when): Participated in the Patriotic War from September 1942 to November 1943
7. Wounds and Contusions: Two. Serious wounds to both legs and to the bones of his left hand on January 8th 1943 and November 15th 1943 near the settlement of Upper Rogatka in the Rostov Region
8. Awards received previously (for which merits): No awards previously presented
9. Any promotions or rewards previously received: Has the gratitude of the regimental commander for the good condition of the companies’ weapons whilst being on the front lines.
10. Service in the White or other bourgeois armies and time in captivity: Hasn’t served in the White Army or been in captivity
11. Address of the prospective awardee: [intentionally obscured]

Short, concrete description of his combat feat or merits

Matvienko F.T personally participated in combat whilst in the position of deputy commander of a company of combat units in the 147th Guards Rifle Regiment, 4th Guards Rifle Division on the Don front. On 7th January 1943 the company commander ordered the battalion to take the village of Lower-Serebryakova at 12 o’clock at night and then in the morning the company commander received orders to launch an attack to take the village of Upper Serebryakovka, which was located six kilometers from their starting positions, by 12.00 on January 8th 1943.

The units of Rifle Battalions led the offensive by forming a chain along the front line and when the battalion approached the village, the Germans threw themselves into a counterattack with tanks. The company commander ordered Matvienko to take a firing position along with two PTR firing crews.

Personally, with an anti-tank gun he destroyed two German tanks, and when he ran out of ammunition and the other firing crew had been knocked out, the tanks stormed the location and he was seriously wounded in both legs by the tank tracks. Our tanks then began to approach and the Germans were scattered.

He currently serves in the Red Army at the Izhmorsk Regional Military Commissariat, located in the Izhmorsk-Kemerovo region and is characterised positively.

He deserves the Order of the Red Star

Izhmorsk Regional Military Commissar
Major / [signed] / Makhalin

27th June 1946



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