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Glory III,791431,Telephonist,Communication Platoon,557th Rifle Regiment,Catch-Up 1992

I've actually seen documents dated in the 90's for other medals, such as the 'Defense' medals. Where these came from were from vets that were never issued their medals originally, and later either they, or their family, claimed their medals. To my knowledge, there was never a 'jubilee' award of anything other than the GPW. I've attached a scan of a Glory, issued in 1992. The awardee was transported to hospital, and the award never caught up with him during the War. After his death, his sister claimed the award, and it was presented to her. (All that info was on the award card for the award.)

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Ed Maier
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There are a large number of awards that were given out "after the fact" for actions in W.W.II. It seems to have been very common for someone to have been "overlooked" for an award only to have it awarded later.

Several examples of this include Glory 3rd Class that were awarded after the 1950s through the present day. I have researched a lot of these and every single one was awarded to a soldier who was heavily wounded and discharged from the military before the end of the war. They were awarded the Glory 3rd as a sort of "thanks for coming and being wounded" award.

There is also a picture in a recently published book (I am trying to find it, but have not been able to locat it) of an old Red Army soldier receiving an Order from Yeltsin with Clinton in attendence in Washington DC (the soldier now lives in the US).

Also, the type 3 campaign medals were for re-issues to people who should have received the award before but were overlooked.

And finally, several times a year you will see old US soldiers receiving awards that they should have received during the war but the orders never caught up with them before they were discharged and the matter just hibernated for 50 years.

It happens.

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Old 04-03-2003, 10:30 PM   #3
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Russia Awarding Soviet Awards

I recently stumbled on a TASS article from November 2002 about the Russian government awarding Belarus Afghan vets with Soviet Awards. Apparently, 50 veterans of the Afghan war never recieved their awards while the Soviet Union still existed, and the Russian Ambassador to Belarus handed out Red Stars, For Service to the Fatherland orders, and the medals For Courage (Valor?) and For Combat Excellence.

It makes you wonder whether the Russian government still has a stash of Soviet awards squirreled away somewhere, or whether the restruck these awards. (Alternatively, they might have bought them on the open market!!!?).
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Old 04-04-2003, 07:08 AM   #4
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I'm sure the medals would have been made in large production batches. It's highly likely that the mint or Russian government has a collection of unissued soviet awards somewhere. You saw this a while back with the Orders of Personal courage which came onto the market with five digit serial numbers instead of six. In all respects, these are identical to the originals, but were never issued. The serial numbers were therefore probably added, incorrectly, before being released onto the open market.

This probably means there are a whole bunch of other, old soviet medals and orders, which may come onto the market at some point in the future.

Kind Regards,
Shane Cook.
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Re: Glory III,791431,Telephonist,Communication Platoon,557th Rifle Regiment,Catch-Up

Here is the original citation.
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"Signed with his own rubber stamp"
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