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Old 03-21-2004, 11:07 AM   #1
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Medal "For Work In Agriculture".

New Russian medal for Agriculture

According to the Itar-Tass agency, the medal “For merited work in agricultural sector” has been restored, on 10 March 2004, by President Vladimir Putin.

The medal “For merited work in the agricultural sector,” was instituted in 1913, during the reign of Nicholas II.
Putin said at a meeting with the agricultural workers, who started the cultivation of virgin lands 50 years ago, that, in his opinion, the medal should be restored, because “some 50 per cent of the Russian population live in rural areas.” By the presidential decree, the first group of 55 farmers were awarded the medal for labour accomplishments. There were several degrees of the medal at the times of Nicholas II. Only 15 people were awarded the medal “For merited work in agricultural sector,” 1st degree.

During the Soviet era, there was no medal specifically dedicated to agriculture. We can see a real similitude of ribbon with the two soviet medals somehow linked to agriculture : the Medal for Development of the Virgin Lands, and the Medal for Development of the Non-Black Earth Region of the RSFSR.

Medal “For merited work in agricultural sector”

Translation of the Decree n° 335 of the President of the Russian Federation, March, 10, 2004.

"The medal " For works on an agriculture " awards citizens for merits in the field of an agriculture and the big contribution to development of agriculture, a professional training, the scientific and other activity directed on increase of efficiency of an agricultural production.
The medal " For works on an agriculture " rushes on the left party of a breast and settles down after a medal " In memory of the 300-anniversary of Saint Petersburg ".

Description :

"The medal " For works on an agriculture " - from silver with gilding, has the form of a circle in diameter of 32 mm with a convex side from both parties.
On a face sheet of a medal - cross with the extending ends, covered with green enamel. On edges of a cross - a narrow convex welt. In the center of a cross - the relief image of the State Emblem of the Russian Federation, framed by a wreath from wheaten ears.
On the back medals - an inscription relief letters: " For works on an agriculture ", under it - number of a medal.
The medal with the help ushka and rings incorporates with pentagonal kolodkoj, the fitted silk moire tape of green color to the strips of yellow color which are taking place on distance of 1,5 mm from edges. Width of a tape - 24 mm, width of strips - 1,5 mm."

The following text has been pronounced in Novo-Ogaryovo, on March 11, 2004, by President Vladimir Putin, as an opening address at a meeting with virgin lands workers and exemplary workers of the agrarian and industrial complex.
I think it is interesting, making the link with the past, the Imperial one, as well as the Soviet one.

"Good day, dear friends,

We are currently marking a serious, and I think momentous date – the beginning of the development of the virgin lands. This began in March 1954, and as we would say today, it was a major nationwide project.

We have heard a lot of different things about the virgin lands over the years, and about their development. Now, after half a century has gone by, we can say for sure: the decision was a justified one. And the people who worked there, who went here – and many people went there, it should be said, following the call of their hearts from all over the country, it was a nationwide effort – carried out the task that was put before the virgin lands workers. And not just for that period of time. I should note that today we still receive over 40% of the harvest from these regions, and a third of all meat and milk. This is what was done by the virgin lands workers, and everyone who worked on the virgin lands and continues to work there – and this is still needed by the country, and we make use of it today – works for the good of the citizens of Russia.

I want to congratulate you, and all the virgin lands workers, on this important date.

I also want to say that in recent years – you probably know about this, as many of you are still directly involved with agriculture – there have been certain positive improvements in this sector of the economy, even if we would like them to be more extensive. We are gathering record harvests for Russia and introducing new technology, the number of loss-making factories is dropping, and modern forms of farming are developing in the country such as leasing, and new financial mechanisms, which are acknowledged and supported by those who work in the country today.

We will continue to support Russian manufacturers, carefully and without violating market mechanisms and principles, and without creating problems for agriculture production consumers. I mean a balanced customs and tariff policy, and so on. We will do all of this. We will also undoubtedly do this with the use of your experience. The experience of those who came to the virgin lands 50 years ago, and those who worked there for many years, giving years of their lives to serving their country.

I want to inform you that yesterday I signed a decree. We reintroduced a medal which existed in Russia from 1913. It will be called "For work in agriculture." I think that this is quite justified, bearing in mind not just the fact that almost 40% of the working population in Russia lives in the country, but also the fact that the agrarian sector is one of the most important sectors of the Russian economy. And the people ho work there, and who work successfully, should feel both material satisfaction and recognition from society, expressed in such forms of gratitude from the state."

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j h beers
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The central cross is obviously modelled on the imperial 1913 "Order for Merit in Agriculture," with the Romanov griffin replaced by the post-1990 version of the double headed eagle.

The original pre-WW I order consisted of a cross in one class that was enamelled in green and manufactured exclusively by Faberge.

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