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Forum Announcements And Rules Read here for important announcements and for rules and regulations regarding viewing and posting on this forum.

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Posting Guidelines.

Here are a few simple guidelines for posting in this subforum to make things easier for all users.

#1 Please try and post in the right section. Some nations are split into subsections such as "Medals" if you have a Medal from the particular nation put it in the "Medal" section.

#2 Unless posting groups please try and put only 1 award in each post. This makes it easier to comment on the particular item and also easier to move the post if it is incorrectly placed.

#3 If you know the name of the item in your post in its own language please add that to the post.

#4 Remember that the language of this forum is English and when creating new threads please refer to the subject of the thread in English, You can refer to the subject matter in its native language in your post.

#5 If you have an item in your possession that you are photographing for the subforum please post pictures of both sides of the award, this saves other users from having to ask and yourself having to retrieve an item to photograph it again.

#6 If you are taken with an item and would like to add it to your collection either; 1. Post a marketplace WTB or 2. Ask for a source in the general talk subforum. This frees up threads from off topic back and forth discussion and it is likely that more people will see your desire.

I would like to thank users for applying these guidelines to their posts and also remind everyone that with the exception of this thread ALL threads in the Soviet Bloc category are open and current. If you wish to add to a thread in which the last post was in 2004 for example, please do not hesitate to add your opinions or facts on the subject.
"Signed with his own rubber stamp"

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