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People's Republic Of Bulgaria Народна Република България 15th September 1946 - 15th November 1990

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new world
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Just published:


Book is similar in format, quality and details to Prof Pavlov's recent book on Bulgarian awards.

Sofia 2007, have parallel text in English and Bulgarian, size 23/33.5 cm., 192 pp., paper chromium-matt, only 500 copies of the book, 773 full colour photos, scale 1:1. The establishment of military decorations*, just as the orders and medals’ establishment, is related with the historical events and the development of the ThirdBulgarianState. They are part of the historical, lineal, and family memory of Bulgaria. The decorations, as a source of information, artistic, or other influence, should be studied, collected, and evaluated, such as they are - with their intrinsic historically-specific characteristics, outer appearance, and symbols. It doesn’t matter whether we like them or not, whether they correspond or not with our ideological, political, artistic, or other preferences. The attempts to “correct” them at a later date should not be tolerated.

This brochure is not a detached study, but just a section of the book entitled “Bulgarian Decorations” (2 volumes) the publication of which is forthcoming, which is dedicated to a specific topic. It represents an attempt to present the military decorations of the ThirdBulgarianState:

* * The Principality of Bulgaria - Knyaz Aleksandar I (1879-1886), Knyaz Ferdinand (1887-1908);
* * The Kingdom of Bulgaria - Tsar Ferdinand I (1908-1918), Tsar Boris III (1918-1943), Tsar Simeon II - Regents’ rule (1943-1946 until the Referendum on the Republic);
* * Republic of Bulgaria - People’s Republic of Bulgaria (1946-1991), Republic of Bulgaria (after 1991).

Accounting for the great amount and diversity of the decorations, as well as for the limited information about them (compared to the State Orders and Medals), we changed the decorations’ study and presentation approach, substituting the chronological presentation for the topical one. Naturally, the brochure does not pretend to provide a complete selection of Bulgarian military decorations, neither with respect to the topics, nor with respect to the decorations included in the individual topics. Alongside with the basic military decorations, the book makes an attempt to present some versions, miniatures, sample specimens etc. A number of accompanying materials are also included related with the decorations’ establishment and delivery - drawings, graphic projects, pre-designs, matrix samples, decrees and orders for their awarding, charters, books, certificates. The photos were made specifically for the book. The brochure contains 773 coloured photos of decorations taken in scale 1:1, as well as photos of boxes and award instruments. The prevailing part of the described and shot decorations is from the author’s collection.


* 1.1. Decorations of Wars, in which the Bulgarian Army Participated
* 1.2. Award Decorations for Excellent and Good Shooting
* 1.3. Decoration „For Salvation of a Flag“
* 1.4. Commemorative Decoration „Fpr Perished and Wounded at War“
* 1.5. Award Decoraton „Excellent War and Political Training Results“
* 1.6. Qualification Decorations
* 1.7. Decorations of Army Sports Competitions
* 1.8. Decorations of Army Cultural Activity
* 1.9. Decorations of the Ministry of Defence
* 1.10. Other Decorations of the Bulgarian Army
* 2.1. Decorations for Completed Military Academies and High Military Schools
* 2.2. Decorations for Completed Reserve Officer Schools and Secondary Sergeant Schools
* 2.3. Other Decorations of Military Academies and Schools
* 3.1. Decorations of the Infantry and the Land Forces
* 3.2. Award Decorations of the Cavalry „For Excellent Riding“
* 3.3. Decorations of the Engineering Troops
* 3.4. Decorations of the Artillery and the Rocket Troops
* 3.5. Decorations of Aviation
* 3.6. Decorations of the Parachute Troops
* 3.7. Decoration of Army Drivers
* 3.8. Navy
* 3.9. Decorations of the Armoured Troops
* 3.10. Decorations of the Medical and Other Services at the Bulgarian Army
* 3.11. Decorations of the Frontier Troops
* 3.12. Decorations of the Labour, Construction, and Railway Troops
* 4.1. Decorations Related to the War History of Bulgaria
* 4.2. Decorations of Honorary Titles
* 4.3. Decorations of Organizations Relaled of the Army
* 4.4. Decorations Dedicated to War Monuments

* We attribute broader meaning to the term “decorations”. In it, we include, irrespective of some conventionalities, all awards that are not included in the System of Bulgarian Orders and Medals: breast-worn decorations (orders, medals, decorations, and badges), decorations of honorary titles, decorations worn suspended from a ribbon, and desktop decorations (plaquettes).The weight of the book is 1.250kg
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New book - Bulgarian Military Decorations

New World,
Thanks for sharing this book!!! I like the fact that it has the English translation side-by-side with the Bulgarian.

:thumbsup :thumbsup Doc
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