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Titles of Distinction
Hero of the Soviet Union
Hero of Socialist Labor
Pilot-Cosmonaut of USSR
Dist. Military Pilot USSR
Dist. Military Navigator USSR
Dist. Test Pilot USSR
Dist. Test Navigator USSR
Distinguished Pilot USSR
Dist. Navigator USSR
Order of Victory
Order of Lenin
Order of October Revolution
Order of the Red Banner
Order of Suvorov
Order of Ushakov
Order of Kutuzov
Order of Nakhimov
Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky
Order of Alexander Nevsky
Order of the Patriotic War
Order of Red Banner of Labor
Order of Friendship
Order of the Red Star
Order Service to Motherland
Order of the Badge of Honor
Order of Honor
Order of Personal Courage
Order of Glory
Order of Labor Glory
Order of Mother Heroine
Order of Maternal Glory
Medal of Ushakov
Medal of Nakhimov
20th Anniversary Red Army
Partisan of Patriotic War
Rescuing a Drowning Person
Maintaining Public Order
Military Cooperation
Safeguarding Frontiers
Bravery in Fire Fighting
For Bravery
Combat Service
Valiant Labor
Distinguished Labor
Restoration Donbass Mines
Res. Black Metal Enterprises
Development Virgin Lands
Dev. Non-Black Earth Region
Dev. Petro. of W. Siberia
Constr. Baikul-Amur Railroad
50 Years Soviet Militia
Defense of Odessa
Defense of Sevastopol
Defense of Soviet Arctic
Defense of Caucasus
Defense of Kiev
Defense of Leningrad
Defense of Moscow
Defense of Stalingrad
Capture of Vienna
Capture of Budapest
Capture of Koenigsberg
Capture of Berlin
Liberation of Belgrade
Liberation of Prague
Liberation of Warsaw
Victory over Germany
Victory over Japan
Valiant Labor Patriotic War
Distinguished Mil. Service
Armed Forces Veteran USSR
100th Ann. Lenin's Birth
Veteran of Labor
Victory Commem. Medals
Armed Forces Ann. Medals
City Jubilee Medals
Motherhood Medals
Irreproachable Svc. Medals
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Co-author of the famous "Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals" offers his services for translating any of your Russian documents. Fast and reasonable! Contact him through Alexei Merezhko's website.

War In Pieces (temporarily closed)
Your best source for buying Soviet military awards. Excellent prices, and the owner is well known and honest. See him in the forum where he goes by the name ANZAC.

Soviet awards authentication service by Alexei Merezhko. Alexei has extensive experience providing detailed authentications of all soviet awards. One of the most trusted individuals in the business.

Soviet Links of Interest
An excellent source of information dedicated to the biographies of those who were awarded with the title "Hero of the Soviet Union". Well laid out and available in English ( just click the translate button).
Museums of Russia
The main resource center of The Russian Cultural Heritage Network. For those who desire a quality online source of Russian culture, you will find online exhibits and information on topics as wide ranging as Faberge eggs to military history.
Website dedicated to Kalishnikov and his firearms. Excellent source of information for all Kalishnikov weapons, the AK-47 probably being the most popular. A well made site, with a lot of quality content.

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Arms and Armour
Pacific Wreck Database
Interesting database that provides information about WWII aircraft lost during the war that have been re-discovered lying in jungles, swamps, etc..

Wehrmacht Awards and Decorations
For those who have asked me for help or information regarding German WWII awards, I recommend this well done site. Lots of great information.
Danish Army Vehicles Homepage
Dedicated mainly to Danish army vehicles.
Orders, Decorations and Medals
Orders and Decorations of Finland Home Page
The Antique and Collectible Firearms and Militaria Headquarters
An excellent site for those who collect all sorts of firearms. Good reference for those who are curious, or for those who are ready to buy. Has for sale sections dedicated to everything from collectible firearms to firearm appraisal services.
Daily military news from Russia, in English.
Site dedicated to the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster, one of the premier armor museums in the world.

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