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⭐⭐Rare vintage radio of the USSR Air Force⭐⭐:

⭐⭐Aviation emergency radio station R-855U beacon SOS USSR Air Force⭐⭐All models, including a radio station of the "R-855U" type, are assembled on rod lamps, all subsequent upgrades on transistors. In addition to the model, the radio stations also had configuration options A, B, C. A headset could be connected to the radio station. The detection range of "SOS" signals when searching from the air and altitudes up to 10,000 meters reached 300 kilometers. The radio station provides search-free and tuningless two-way communication with aircraft radio stations. VHF range at 121.5 MHz at any time of the year or day.Output power: 0.1W.Sensitivity: 5μVThe radio station is ultra-short-wave, simplex, portable, small-sized, for individual use.Study type: radiotelephone, discontinuous tone modulation radio beacon.Power source: mercury-zinc battery "PRIBOY-2S".The range of communication with the aircraft and drive depends on the flight altitude and the sensitivity of the onboard receiver. The radio station is designed for operation under the following conditions: - in the range of ambient temperatures from +50 to -50 C (at negative temperatures, the battery is placed under the operator's clothing);- in conditions of relative humidity 98% at temperatures up to +40 С;- r / station is resistant to cyclical temperature changes, as well as to frost and dew;- the radio station is waterproof and retains its parameters after being in sea water at a depth of no more than 1 meter for no more than 1 hour;- r / station withstands mechanical loads specified in the technical conditions for it; vibration, shock, dropping. A condition on a REAL photo. Look at the ACTUAL photos! You receive what you see. Perfect item for museum or YOUR private collection. Collectibles and antiques - the best investment! If you made a purchase from me, please leave a review, your opinion is very important to me. I will be glad if you pay attention to my other products, they may interest you. If you have any questions please contact me. SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: I will send all items to Worldwide. All Items will be shipped via standard International Airmail. Item reach most countries within 11-23 business days, in rare cases up to 30-60 business days. Be ready for these terms.

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