"Super Rare" 1862 Civil War Confederate (CSN) Boarding Axe Existance 1, No Sword For Sale

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"Super Rare" 1862 Civil War Confederate (CSN) Boarding Axe Existance 1, No Sword:

"Super Rare" 1862 Civil War Confederate (CSN) Boarding Axe

*** Only One In Existence ***

= Original Incredible Condition =

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- Extremely Rare - Here is a Confederate States Navy Axe Marked CSN and BROOKS BROS. SHEFFIED the makers of this very rare boarding axe.

- These axes were used on and off ocean vessels. Onboard this axe would be used for everything that required the thrusting weight of an axe. A common use for this boarding axe was to quietly attack ships bows

- Stamped on one side of this Confederate States Navy Axe is CSN 1862 and on the obverse side has the makers name BROOKS BROS. SHEFFIED. "See Photos"

- 2lbs, No corrosion, very strong beautiful rare piece of history.

- I keep a natural light oil on my collection to keep my antiques in a nice preserved condition, including a low relative humidity.

Boarding Axe Broad Functions:

Ships carried a large quantity of tools to meet any eventuality. These of course included axes for fire fighting - fire being an ever present hazard on wooden ships - for general repairs, and for tree felling and wood gathering ashore.

The main uses of an axe when fire fighting, whether at sea or on land, were for breaking open doors, smashing windows or knocking holes in walls and roofs to affect a rescue, releasing smoke or creating fire breaks. The thin angle of the blade as well as the spike could also be driven into the gaps around doors and windows to lever them open. At sea during battle this would also include damage control such as clearing fallen rigging and spars by cutting and dragging them clear and to pry out embedded hot cannon balls before they set the wood alight.

Axes were therefore always part of a vessel’s equipment and it is from these that the Boarding Axe evolved to fill a niche created by the art of naval warfare at the time of the great sailing ships.

As well as being used for damage control they were also used as a combat tool in any boarding action between vessels, and it was this action that generally concluded the fight. The boarding axe was used to cut through anti-boarder nets and lines, to cut through rigging or ropes holding gun ports open, to smash through the doors and windows of cabins to attack the opposing crew who may be defending that as a stronghold. And of course in melee an axe may not be as good as a sword or cutlass but it was still a handy personal weapon.

A boarding party would always include a complement of axe carriers to support the main body of marines and sailors armed with musket and cutlass. As the axes were generally stored in racks near each gun they were also handy for defense against enemy boarders, being quickly available to the gun crews to cut grappling lines or defend themselves.

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