A Chalcidian helmet, early 4th century BC For Sale

A Chalcidian helmet, early 4th century BC

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A Chalcidian helmet, early 4th century BC:

A Chalcidian helmet
Type V, early 4th century BC
This helmet type probably belongs to a regional variant of later Chalcidian helmets from the area north of the Black Sea.
Bronze helmet with tinning all over, excellently preserved. The skull with a blunt medial ridge dividing the top in two hemispherical lobes and distinctly offset from the lower part. The lower part of the helmet with raised bands at the ear and eyes openings. Between the eyebrows a lancet-shaped nasal. The lower edge behind the ear holes slightly bent downward, at the back of the skull, slightly higher, nearly horizontal and slightly domed neck guard. The cheek guards connected to the skull by a hinge with two bushings per cheek guard. The left and right hinge pin probably original. In the left half of the skull, a restored crack is visible on the surface. Apart from the mentioned restoration an excellently preserved, aesthetically pleasing ancient helmet without losses and replacements.Measurements :Height 30 cmMaximum width at the rear section of the ear hole 19.5 cmLength 24.5 cmWeight 850 gr
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