Antique - United States Air Force Rare Collectables And Signed Photos 24 Items For Sale

Antique - United States Air Force Rare Collectables And Signed Photos 24 Items

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Antique - United States Air Force Rare Collectables And Signed Photos 24 Items:

Antique - United States Air Force Rare Collectables And Signed Photos 24 ItemsA breathtaking collection of rare vintage items representing United States Air Forces. When you invest in history, you are preserving the value of your nation. Therefore, you have the right to be proud for protecting knowledge that will benefit thecurrent andfuture generation. Our amazing collection will open your world to an experience that probably existed before you were born or when you were just a little child. You will touch and feel sentimental items that motivated legends topursue their dreams and became the best patriots to their country. Today the United States Air Force is still the best air fighters in the world. The longer you hold these precious antiques in good shape, the more their value will increase. This package consist of 24preowned vintage items that comes with minor wear and tear.We retrieved these beautiful collectables at an sale which did not provide any details about the USAF men in the photos which we could pass on to you but we'll try our best to summarize some important qualities about our items.
United States Air Force Vintage BooksA) First Book: WAR PLANES OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR Volume 1 By J.M BruceGREAT BRITAINDoubleday And Company Edition (revised 1970)When war came to Europe in August 1914 few military minds had any clear conception of the part that aircraft would play in the conflict;fewer still saw theaeroplane as anything but a reconnaissancevehicle. A few visionaries hadforetold fighting in the air, but their predictions, if not laughed to scorn, were not taken seriously. Yet the war was barely two months old when, on the 5th of October 1914, a French air mechanic named Quenault,flying as the observer of a Voisin biplanepiloted by Sergeant Frantz, shot down a German aircraft and the storycontinues .....You will learn how war planes of the 1900s were built, their effectiveness, the wars won and more admirable adventures of First World War Air Force Fighters.The dimension of this book is 5" X 5.5" inches.
B) Second Book: THE AIR OFFICER'S GUIDESixth EditionA Ready ReferenceEncyclopedia of Military InformationPertinent to Commissioned Officers of the United States Air Force. Copyright 1948, 1949, Feb 1950, 1951, and 1952 byThe Military Service Publishing Co,HARRISBURG Pa.Sixth Edition, June 1952In this book you will learn about the brave United Air Force Lieutenants who flew air missions in the 1900s, detail analysis and pictures of the legends and their war planes. You will also uncover many more vital information that will blow your mind.
More Items in This Package1). A gold plated sterling silver girl friend bracelet containing the picture of a MYSTERY woman inside.2). Three signed white and black pictures and a 20" X 10" inches photo of Flight 154Squadron. 3747 HONOR FLIGHT, FEBRUARY 1952, SHEPPARDAir Force BASEWichita Falls, TEXAS3). United States Air Force Silver Zippo Lighter (E, 01Zippo. BRADFORD, PA MADE IN USA). We tested it and it works. Buyer will have to add fuel in the lighter for full functioning.COINS OF HONOR4). Operation Northern Watch Combat Rescue (THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE). Dimension 1.5" inches5). 611th Air Intelligence Squadron, Elmendorf Air Force Base Alaska ( Integrity, Service and Excellence). Dimension 1.5" inches6). Eighty Years Of Excellence 1919 - 1999. Ready For The 21th Century (3rd Wing, Elmendorf Air Force Base). Dimension 1.5" inches7). 201 Military Intelligence Brigade (Crew), Fort Lewis Washington. (With Courage And Vision). Dimension 1.5" inches8). Armed Forces Amputee Patient Program (Service Beyond The Call).Approximately 1.5" inches9). 323 rd Training Squadron ( Mustang Association).PINS10). Two embroidered red badges. Dimension is 1.5" X 2" inches.11). Four one star silver blue stripes pins.12). A small two stars pin.13). USAF pin with a chain.14). A blue honorary cloth. Dimension 10.5" X 10" inches15). A pink decorative United States Air Forces friendship recognition memoir. This is a very sentimental item. Dimension is approximately 17" X 17" inches.
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