Armored Military Turret WE Platt MR550 Ring Mount W/Mini Gun Kit MRAP HMMWV LMTV For Sale

Armored Military Turret WE Platt MR550 Ring Mount W/Mini Gun Kit MRAP HMMWV LMTV

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Armored Military Turret WE Platt MR550 Ring Mount W/Mini Gun Kit MRAP HMMWV LMTV:

I'm selling a WE Platt MR550 Ring Mount. I'm asking $18k for this unit. It cost $30k new and was manufactured in 2007. It is currently located in the Phoenix Arizona area.
-This mount came off of a prototype vehicle used for demonstrations. This is an ITAR part and cannot be exported without proper paperwork.-Everything that is included with this sale is shown in the first photo.-It is in good condition but does show signs of use and removal/installation.-The MR550 Ring Mount is currently used by the US Army on the Stryker and I've seen it mounted on an MRAP as well. It's also used by our allied forces around the world on at least a dozen different platforms.-This particular MR550 came with the window upgrade as you can see the in the photos which is nice. Nobody wants to pop their head up to look around if they don't have to right?-This Ring Mount can be installed on any armored vehicle strong enough to support the weight.-Included is the mini gun mounting kit pieces shown in the 6th photo. I'm not sure if all the pieces are all there and have not tried to assemble it. This sale DOES NOT include a mini gun or any gun for that matter, only a mini gun mounting kit.-This particular Ring Mount is rated at Stanag LVL3 and it is HEAVY. This thing will sustain a high explosive 155mm artillery round at 60 meters, yes, that's a howitzer round if you were wondering.-The Ring Mount is missing the shield bracket used to attach the front shield to the ring. See photo four for the part circled in red. This missing piece is the reason for the deep discount on this ring mount. I estimate a new piece could be fabricated by a machine shop for $1-$2k or you could simply use it without it.
Additional photos available upon request and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have!
***SHIPPING PLEASE READ***I will NOT ship this item but I WILL work with you to ship it at your expense once the item has been paid for. You can get a quote in minutes online from "uship". I got a quote to see what it would cost to ship it from me at 85209 in Arizona to Florida and the quote was only $792. It is currently on a pallet and I will gladly band and safely wrap it up in blankets and plastic for you. You can also do local pickup in the Phoenix, AZ area. I'd also be willing to deliver and unload it personally for a fee of $2/mile from my location if paid in full. When you do your "uship" quote select "Freight" and then select "LTL used commercial goods" next select "pallet". The shipping dimensions are 53" x 43" x 25". The shipping weight is 825 pounds. Pickup location zip is "85209" and type will be "residence/home business" and will require a liftgate. If it is being delivered to your home you will need liftgate service as well.

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