Crypto Mining Rig - 6 Video Cards Radeon RX 580 TPU For Sale

Crypto Mining Rig - 6 Video Cards Radeon RX 580 TPU

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Crypto Mining Rig - 6 Video Cards Radeon RX 580 TPU:

Built your own crypto MONEY machine rig or order it pre-made.
It's easy and fun to build your own crypto machine. You can fallow our attached guide or you can simply order the whole machine ready to use.The machine includes six video cards, with 3 years of manufactory warranty, which will make $20-25 profit for you every single day. That totals to 600-700$ profit a monthBe part of the crypto mania world! Start with crypto mining machine rig. NOWIt only takes 5-6 months to pay off the rig and after that everything you mine is profit!
Price:$4,949- if you want to purchase the parts and build it yourself$5,549- already built mining rigEverything needed to build a mining rig is included,all parts are brand NEW still in original Boxes.
1. Mothers Board.2. CPU Video Cards- MSI Gaming Radeon RX 580 8GB3. Intel Processor4. Solid State Drive 120GB5. DDR4 Memory card6. Wi-Fi Nana USB Adapter7. Risers adapters 68. Two 750 watt GOLD Power Supplies9. Power supply cable10. Switch ON and OFF wire cable.11. Windows 10 software.12 Wood frame Rig - easy to assembly
ALL Parts Are Brand NEW and most of them have 2-3 Years manufactory warranty.
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