DEVGRU High Cut Bump Ballistic Carbon Helmet SOCOM NSW Galvion Ops Core SEAL SOF For Sale

DEVGRU High Cut Bump Ballistic Carbon Helmet SOCOM NSW Galvion Ops Core SEAL SOF
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DEVGRU High Cut Bump Ballistic Carbon Helmet SOCOM NSW Galvion Ops Core SEAL SOF:

A Rare piece of kit - Revision's (Now Galvion) Caiman Hybrid Composite (Carbon) Bump/Ballistic helmet offering for USSOCOM's SPEAR FHTS program.

Most of this kit is no longer available to the public for purchase / the other half is on backorder if you can find it.

Size Medium (fits head circumference 22" to 23 & 1/4")

Includes the Caiman Carbon Composite Bump Helmet, Ballistic Applique Armor, Non Ballistic Mandible Guard, NVG Arm Visior (Clear lense) & Fixed Arm Visior (Smoke lense) & other kit shown w/ Box.

Issued - Used for T&E in the SPEAR FHTS Program Fully Functional & Like new condition other than some oxidation on the helmets mounting hardware

This item Will Require a SIGNATURE Upon Delivery

**This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor**

Some background on the system

Part of the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements, or SPEAR Family of Tactical Headborne Systems.This specific notice is for coxswains — primarily Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, specially qualified sailors who operate advanced SEAL watercraft.

The Caiman system offered for SPEAR FHTS is based on the Caiman Hybrid High Cut helmet (also known as Carbon Bump) with optional ballistic appliques: front (larger, covering almost ¾ of the side surface of the helmet, and covering almost the entire helmet in a top view, profiled in the area of night vision mounts) and rear (smaller), directly attached to the shell via industry grade hook and loop. Modular design provides greater flexibility because, depending on the tactical situation or user preference, Caiman can be used in a non-ballistic version or its ballistic resistance can be tailored for a specific operation – the appliques can be ‘worn’ as a set or in the form of the front one only. It makes it possible to use one solution in many scenarios. The Hybrid High Cut helmet is perfect for situations where ballistic protection is not required, e.g. for training, mountain or water ops, as a stable and lightweight platform for night vision goggles for patrol operations where the helmet, even if very light, would cause discomfort if used for a prolonged period of time. A modular helmet also prevents situations when a ballistic helmet would have to be carried in a backpack (it would have to be pulled out only after reaching the objective), where it would take up valuable space. The ballistic appliques do away with additional weight and take up much less space after packing.

Ballistic Appliques, are fixed to the shell with the use of durable Velcro. In addition, the rear applique is stabilized with a horizontal strap to the side rail screws. There is hardly any need to worry that any of the components will become detached on their own, even during parachute jumps.

The shell of the Caiman Hybrid helmet is about 5 mm thick and has ten slits for ventilation. The carbon fibers offer high resistance to mechanical impact and crushing, hence their choice as a base. With the addition of modular appliques, the High Cut helmet becomes a ballistic helmet that provides resistance to 1.1 gram of fragments moving at 670 m/s and to 9 mm Parabellum, 44 Magnum, and 357 SIG rounds (NIJ 0106.01 Level IIIA). T this is not the highest possible level of ballistic protection, but such requirements have been set by USSOCOM for the FHTS program since it is about maintaining an appropriate balance between weight, area of protection, and mobility and comfort.

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Sold As Is Fully Functional unless otherwise stated above - No Returns


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