Flats (all) and all Banners of Mers (all) next La Diversity of Nations For Sale

Flats (all) and all Banners of Mers (all) next La Diversity of Nations

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Flats (all) and all Banners of Mers (all) next La Diversity of Nations:

Sl, nd, in-4, of 107 ff brown calf, compart. of wire. à la Du Seuil flowered at the corners, ornate back. tr. jasp (used old rel).Mid-17th century manuscript on paper, decorated with 12 miniatures.The collection begins with two ff tables followed by the title and a dedication to "Mr. Charles Bosquet, Conseiller du Roy, controller of the Navy at the port of Toulon". This dedication, signed J. Moutton, is preceded by a large full-page miniature representing the arms of Ch. Bosquet. After a warning ff begins the description of the pavilions, with the representation of 94 pavilions or flames of the great nations and cities. The following 6 ff contain: The general division of the Mediterranean Sea into its parts or seas. the Table of Estats located on the Mediterranean Sea each represent by their particular mark of return (this part is decorated with three large miniatures in height with 6, 9 and 6 compartments giving the emblems of these states), the Number of ports, according to the order of the aforementioned provinces (with practical information for the boarding), the enumeration of the Isles of the Mediterranean Sea, the extent of the cost of each state which maintains galleys and the enumeration of the ports of the Mediterranean Sea where there are Galères, and how much each port has, followed by the Galères Courses of each state.
The F. next, decorated with a large compass rose, contains a notice on its use. Then come 37 sheets containing 22 detailed plans of the ports of the Balearic Islands, Sardinia and the Algerian coasts, very precise, with indication of the seabed. These plans carry letters which refer to a precise description occupying the f. following.Old manuscripts relating to the navy are rare and sought after, this one gives a picture of great interest for maritime life in the Mediterranean in the first half of the 17th century.
The last five ff have remained white; slightly restored binding. Former collection of the prince of Moscowa, bought in 1931 by Mr. Jean Brunon for the sum of 12.000 F of the time.Exceptional work one of the most important existing on the pavilions of this time.

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