JBC Corp Platform Interchangable Gear (PIG) Pack Med Bag For Sale

JBC Corp Platform Interchangable Gear (PIG) Pack Med Bag

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JBC Corp Platform Interchangable Gear (PIG) Pack Med Bag:

JBC Corp Platform Interchangable Gear (PIG) Pack Med Bag. Condition is New. This Med Bag is a favorite of the US Military Special Operations community. Comes fully stocked from the manufacture and nothing has been opened or expired. The following description is directly from JBC Corp’s website: The "Platform Interchangeable Gear" pack is a unique multi-purpose, multi-use, mobility pack which allows the user to configure the pack to suit both the specific mission requirements and personal preference. The PIG is comprised of two separate packs which mount on a base that can be carried utilizing either a single strap that slings across the chest (allowing the user to pull the pack to the front for quick access) or with 2 straps for conventional backpack style. There are multiple configurations for pack placement. One of the two packs can be mounted on the base in either a high or low position to allow room for additional equipment to be carried, or the packs can be mounted in line. A smaller medical pack containing critical trauma supplies attaches in the front for immediate access. The PIG Pack is equipped with 2 internal lights. JBC's exclusive Pack Lighting System is NVG friendly and does not interfere with your night vision. The shoulder straps and sling are fitted with "Raptor" aluminum side release buckles. The pack is user friendly, with all contents visible, or labeled for easy identification. Each pack is fitted with 6 removable pouches which allows multiple medics to work from one pack.

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