Out Standing Military Vintage/Antique Collection For Sale

Out Standing Military Vintage/Antique Collection

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Out Standing Military Vintage/Antique Collection:

For sale is a carefully curated selection of Original Authentic Military Items and Museum quality replicas of assorted military memorabilia from the Renaissance upwards to the Korean War. I have collected these items over the past fifty (50) years. For example,10 percent of the collection are fire arms most manufactured by a company based in Ciuladella de Menacra, Spain and are of the highest quality. Many are over 40 years old and are no longer being made. A remarkable collection of Helmets, Hats, Medals, Guns, Badges, Swords, Daggers, Bayonets, Footwear, Flags, Military Dress, Miniature Tanks, Cannons, Planes and Vehicles (please view photos). 65% of this collection is authentic and 35% are museum quality reproductions. - This Collection is reasonably priced and will delight any military enthusiast. I can be reached through E Bay email or 781 990 3155 if not home please leave message.

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