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Awarding to Admiral N.P.Dubrovin, during the period 1950s year.


Soviet Epoch Vintage Genuine Pressed Baltic Sea "Amber Lighthouse Monument"

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100% Authenticity made in USSR Kaliningrad / 100% Guarantee Pressed Amber

History:This is a unique product on the military memory of the heroic years of WWII war, it was solemnly awarded to the hero of the warNikolai Pavlovich Dubrovin, a Soviet admiral during and after World War II 1941 – 1945 year.
Navy Admiral N.P. Dubrovin was awarded"Amber Lighthouse Monument "after, cadet’s completion education in the Leningrad - Kronstadt - Specialized Naval Military School students - cadets, which were graduating completed their training in 1949 year handed in this gift.
Admiral N.P. DUBROVIN - Commander of the Order «Nakhimov» I degree number # 12.From 1948 to 1949 - at the disposal of the Minister of the Navy of the USSR, head of the Leningrad Naval School.

The difference between solid and pressed(Reconstructed) beads is number of stones used to achieve greater bead size. Technology is used to minimize production cost as solid Baltic amber is getting very expensive. Manufacture process combines small amber pieces in order to make on large. Stones are chosen by color, quality, size and shape then are bonded together under high pressure without any additives (no chemicals, glue, synthetics are used at any production stage).

I really appreciate your time for looking at this sale, please take a moment to view my other items. Here i am presenting lovely Vintage 100% Russia Imperial Silver Unique jewelry craftsmanship fromSoviet Russian USSR Republic Kaliningrad Baltic See Amber

Dimensions mm in width // 165 mm height // 330 mm depth // 45 mm in thickness platform (watch the photos)
Dimensions inches width // 6. ½ inches height // 13” inches depth // 2” inches thickness - platform (watch the photos)
Weighs (pounds) approximately= 14 pounds
Weighs (kilogram) approximately= 6 Kilograms 350 grams

Condition- good, got some wears and scratches and small chips on the back side of the sun, will need of cleaning.

*Amber is a natural polymer made over many millions of years from the resin of prehistoric pine trees. It is unique and beautiful and can be quite expensive when the pieces are exquisite, or contain rare organic inclusions – insects or plants, which are extinct for a long, long time.

*How to recognize genuine amber? How to be sure that your piece of the “Gold of the North” is authentic and not just a plastic fake? Although there are various tests to help recognize true amber, it is generally not so trivial, especially with the modern methods of “enhancement” of amber.

*The difference between glass and amber is relatively easy to recognize – glass is heavier, colder and harder than amber. On the other side, copal is softer, easier to scratch and it melts at lower temperature.

There are several systematic methods to differentiate true amber from the imitations, each of them based on certain specific property of amber:

Specific gravity of amber is only slightly higher than that of water (1.05 - 1.1 g/cm3), which means that it cannot float in fresh water, but does not sink in saturated salty water. The flotation test can be done only on unmounted pieces of amber, without any metal. The salty solution is prepared from about 1 part of salt by weight to 2 parts of water (or when there is still some salt on the bottom after mixing of the solution and after settling for a while). Put your amber piece into the solution and watch it floating. After the floating test, amber should be thoroughly rinsed in clean water and dried.

This floating test trial eliminates glass, heavy phenolic resins and celluloid as amber imitations. However, copal would not be clearly differentiated by this test.

Vigorous rubbing (on cloth or even on your palm) until the piece of amber gets slightly warm, may cause it to emit weak resinous fragrance (of pine or turpentine) but copal may even begin to soften and the surface may become sticky. A smell of plastic or synthetic chemical indicates fake amber.

This is a commonly advised test for amber. The tip of a needle is heated with a lighter or a match. A clever way to protect your fingers when holding the needle is to stick the other end into a piece of cork, carrot etc. – thus forming an ad hoc handle. When the needle becomes red-hot, poke the specimen. In the case of true amber, the needle does not go in too easily and a nice resinous smell is emitted
What is Amber:
Amber is a petrified tar of trees which grew over twenty-thirty million years ago andnow are buried on the bottom of the sea. The findings of the archaeological excavations show that amber was used to make jewelry already 4 thousand years ago. Baltic amber was decorating the crown of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen. Gomer in his Odyssey also mentioned amber. There are about one hundred sorts of amber. Sometimes one can find insects in small pieces of tar which are as old as amber itself. In the first centuries A.D. Amber is often used as a mascot; it inspires optimism, attracts friends and helps in love affairs. Amber is also believed to posses different curative qualities. Already in old days amber grind to powder was used as a biogenic stimulator improving immunity. White amber is considered to be the most curative. As for the signs of Zodiac, amber is recommended to people born from 21 January till 31 January and from 23 July till 12 August.
-"Kaliningradsky Yantar":
The history of the Baltic "gem" which beauty and unusual therapeutic properties won great glory and fame since the olden times. The amber is shrouded in legends and folk narrative ballads. The Baltic seaside, in the nearby Yntarny Settlement, of the Kaliningrad Region, is the location of the world's largest amber deposit; this area contains over 90 percent of the worlds known reserves. Articles, which combined amazing natural properties of amber with the artist's flight of fancy, are widely known all over the world. The enterprise produces over 600 types of jewelry articles in silver, brass and German silver settings. Amber beads and necklaces, rings and earrings, bracelets end pendants, cigarette- or cigar-holders and souvenirs invariably gladden human hearts and eyes by the warmth of its sunny colors.

As any material that is highly treasured, amber had been subject to many stories and even more counterfeit. That is why my prime concern is to provide to my customers as much information as possible for them to be sure that they are buying a real Baltic Amber of high quality. During the Soviet era the most common metal to accompany amber in brooches, pins and tie clips was cupronickel (unmarked), followed by silver and gold with their distinctive marks.

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