Rivet Navy Cruiser Aurora October Revolution Imperial Russia Battle Of Tsushima For Sale

Rivet Navy Cruiser Aurora October Revolution Imperial Russia Battle Of Tsushima

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Rivet Navy Cruiser Aurora October Revolution Imperial Russia Battle Of Tsushima:

The lot has a collection value of the museum level!

You will receive a collection of over 7 items depicted in photos 1-6.

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Cruiser hull cut into scrap metal 30 years ago.

There will be no new such souvenirs and cannot be.

The cruiser Aurora is a participant in an unprecedented campaign in the world history of the 2nd Pacific Squadron, witness to the tragic battle for the Russian fleet of Tsushima on May 14-15, 1905, a participant in World War I in the Baltic, defender of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War.

A collection of souvenirs associated with the Cruiser Aurora:

1. A piece of armor from the bow of the ship on the teak plating of the underwater part of the cruiser.

The rarest thing.

Metal, possibly from France, Chatillon en comments.

Wood, teak. I am at a loss to name the country of delivery.

2. Rivet of the cruiser, on the teak deck of the upper deck. The deck teak was supplied from another country than for the underwater part of the cruiser.

Factory execution of these two souvenirs. About 200 pieces were made for party workers and delegations of the countries of the social camp.

The difference between these things is that the rivet on the deck flooring is quite common.

3. Rivet on teak sheathing. This souvenir was made by a worker of the ship's overhaul plant, independently, at home. Despite being under security, the employee was able to preserve the details.

Rarity lies in its authenticity and uniqueness.

4. Model of a submarine with a piece of teak plating for the cruiser from the underwater part of the cruiser.

A separate story about the owner of this souvenir. He was directly related to the creation and launch of the first ballistic missile as well as to the creation and launch of the Vostok ship (p. 274, paragraph 49)

The peculiarity lies in the fact that the kit includes a piece of wooden teak covering the lower part of the hull of the cruiser "Aurora", which is located below the waterline.

Engineer-captain 3rd rank Vyzolmirsky was awarded a closed, secret order 253/34 of 06/17/1961 for fulfilling a special task of the USSR government to prepare the first manned space flight on the Vostok spacecraft with the Order of the Red Star.

and also under the leadership of Vyzolmirsky, theoretical and experimental research was carried out at the Research Institute of Rocket Weapons, which in 1954 made it possible to begin large-scale work on the development of ballistic missiles for submarines.

The first launches of ballistic missiles were carried out from a series of Project 629 submarines.

5. Original photographs of 1973, in which Alexander Viktorovich Belyshev (1893-1974) is present - a Baltic sailor, the first commissar of the cruiser "Aurora" in October 1917, who directly issued an order for a single salvo that served as a signal for the start of the October Revolution

A brief clarification about souvenirs:

1. Armor on teak plating.

Experts said that there is no such tree even in the museum.

2. If it were not for two souvenirs that came to me through different hands, I would not have confirmation that this is generally real material.

3. Model of a submarine a gift to a respected and honored person on his anniversary. And since the investment is so small, I'm talking about a die, then I conclude that a piece of armor on such a massive teak base from the underwater part of the cruiser is a rare specimen.

4. I have found at the moment only two people who have a similar piece of armor, but without a base or on a deck teak, that is, light.

5. The armor and rivet were donated to a respected and honored person, an intelligence officer, as a thank you for your help.

6. For such souvenirs there was a control, then, a souvenir with a rivet and an untreated piece of teak from the deck is interesting for its originality and uniqueness. Well, roughly speaking, either with permission or secretly, these details would be taken by an employee of the plant to create an object of memory. That is, it was made with what could be obtained at that time ..

Please take a close look all the images, and consider them as part of the description.

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