Sword Japanese belonged to the late General/Colonel Yasuji Okamura For Sale

Sword Japanese belonged to the late General/Colonel Yasuji Okamura

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Sword Japanese belonged to the late General/Colonel Yasuji Okamura:

I was contracted by an elder in the local Japanese Chinese community of Vancouver's Canada China town community to help with the sale of this sword, I'm a firm believer myself that this belongs in a museum just for the who owned it, , and its history, the sale of the sword is solely going to support nephew of the officer who brought it with him when he immagratted to the US in late 1970 as retired senior officer with the Chinese army (his nephew is now 82 yrs of age) , for hard times have hit and truly is in need of financial assistant's, he's assured that's the only reason, it has come out from under his bed,
The story goes as such the gentleman who's in possession of the sword is now 82 years of age, his uncle was a very high ranking Chinese commander in the Chinese army , this sword was confiscated after 1945 and made its way with lot's of other loot and valuable's had bin smuggled over to Twainese village were it sat for next to 20yrs. in a crate , when it was stumpled upon and opened the Twainese Government stepped in and seized it, later had ranking officers of that time able to view this loot of weapons he's unsure exactly the dates but his uncle immagrated to the US in around 1970 (allow me here to mention if for any validation purposes I can get the uncles formal name and one can possibly cross reference the sword was in his uncles possession brought the sword back his uncle told him he had to declare when he immigrated so there must be a record of some sort, he immagratted to the us in 1970 approx. at that time along as everything was declared thing's were much easier to get threw I'm told this sword along with much other war artifacts he brought (I could find out his name is someone had a way of finding out when he actually immagratted and the declared possession's he had may be a way if someone want's more proof, just a suggestion. I'm learning here to as I go along, the sword is quite the specimen if I say so myself" The man is in need of money is the only reason he's selling this item, I ask you to look at the photo's and please forward any , ,question's you may have, replies will be prompt and as quick as possible, we no that this officer has another sord (which was a formal sord that he donated himself to the ______________----) This man is allowing anyone who wishes to come to Vancouver before purchasing for viewing is not a problem, His English is about as good as my Chinese, Im doing the best I can with his dictation on what to write, please your patience is asked and at this point we both agree that no question is a dumb question.....That being said this sale will run the full 10 day's all question's will try to answered in accordance, just bare with me...…...Ohhh I should also mention that the picture's attached to this ad are all of the actual sword, and please the first person that can read Japanese could your kindly deciepher the inscription's on both sides of the sword to me please...Thank You
A final note the gentleman has had offer's off excess of 40,000 and has said he wasn't satisfied with them, another thing the gentleman want's people to no is he couldn't afford to get it authenticated, but he assure's me and you what an d who's it was, that being said you are welcome make a time and day and meet with him for viewing it before actually buying just for peace of mind, ok thanks any question's please forward.A Little briefing about the officer who owned the sword;
Yasuji Okamura (岡村 寧次, Okamura Yasuji, 15 May 1884 – 2 September 1966) was a general of the Imperial Japanese Army and Commander and Chief of the China Expeditionary Army from Nov. 1944 right to the end of WWII.He was found not guilty of any war crimes by the Shanghai War Crimes Tribunal after the war. As one of the Imperial Japanese Army's top China experts, General Okamura spent his entire military career on the Asian mainland.[1]
Yasuji OkamuraNative name岡村 寧次Born15 May 1884
TokyoDied2 September 1966 (aged82)
TokyoAllegiance Empire of Japan
Republic of China (military adviser)Service/branch Imperial Japanese ArmyYearsof service1905–1945RankGeneral UnitFirst Infantry RegimentCommands held
  • China Expeditionary Army
  • Northern China Area Army
  • Eleventh Army
  • 2nd Division
  • Russo-Japanese War
  • Siege of Tsingtao
  • Jinan incident
  • January 28 incident
  • Defense of the Great Wall
  • Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Pacific War
  • Chinese Civil War
  • First Taiwan Strait Crisis
  • Second Taiwan Strait Crisis
  • Order of the Sacred Treasure First Class
  • Order of the Golden Kite First Class
  • Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun
  • Victory Medal
  • Military Medal of Honor
Otherworkmilitary advisor, veteran Association, author

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