Curtiss Propeller WW1 Era 8' OXX-6 Steam Engineering for US Navy Dark Wood PROP For Sale

Curtiss Propeller WW1 Era 8' OXX-6 Steam Engineering for US Navy Dark Wood PROP

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Curtiss Propeller WW1 Era 8' OXX-6 Steam Engineering for US Navy Dark Wood PROP:

-You are ordering this WW1 Era Propeller / prop made for the Curtiss OXX-6 engine.-Mobile users, please "see more" to get the link address for a short condition review video.
-Left hand, pusher propeller.-Procured by Steam Engineering for the US Navy in the late teens / early 1920's.-Researching this engine in the pusher configuration reveals that it was likely used or intended for one of the many variations of the WWI era Flying Boats.-Dimensions:Length: just over 96" or 8 feet tall (female in the 2nd photo for reference is 5",6.")Width: approximately 12" wide at widest portion of bladesHeight: Highest point off the ground when laying flat is approximately 8"Weight: 30 pounds, 14 ounces.Markings:SE274 - Steam EngineeringOXX-6 - Curtiss engine model this propeller was designed forLH - Left Hand328 over US Anchor - 328 is unknown, US Anchor represents US Navy.
-This antiquecross-collectible would appeal tomany different collectors and catagories: Antiques, décor, WW1, U.S. Navy, Military, Aviation, WW1 aviation, prop departments, etc.-Multiple ways to display as is or mount.-This large piece of aviation history commands attention in even the largest spaces.-I sell internationally through 's Global Shipping Program.-This item is located on the North Carolina coast. I am open to discussing a delivery or meeting cost if within a 12 hour round trip distance.-Flat rate shipping is calculated using the smallest dimensions package to get it to you in its current condition with consideration for packing materials and insurance to ensure a worry-free experience if something were to happen outside of our control as buyer and seller.-If Shipping, I will get this large piece out as soon as possible. I have an allowance of 5 days handling on this listing to give me enough time to pack it safely.-Thank you and enjoy!

WW1 Era Curtiss OXX-6 Propeller 8' LH Steam Engineering for the US Navy Pusher Prop Flying Boat

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