WW1 / WW2 Army Ration Chocolate - To original Spec For Sale

WW1 / WW2 Army Ration Chocolate - To original Spec

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WW1 / WW2 Army Ration Chocolate - To original Spec:

IMPORTANT Please Note - we we now only be posting out ONCE PER WEEK - we are sorry for any inconvenience

Also very sorry for the price increase but blame for there money grabbing charges !!

Check out our webpage........................ This listing is for One Bar of Ration Chocolate which has been made to the Original wartime correct specification - size 4" x 2", no of sections , weight etc. This come's wrapped in grease proof paper ready to put in your pack with the rest of your kit !. The bar on the left is our original WW2 issue Ration chocolate and I have faithfully copied this, the middle one shows the repro bar unwrapped, the right one what you will receive. (I am not unwrapping our original one as it is sealed). The wartime bars were issued to troops as part of the 24hr ration pack. Ours is actually manufactured by Cadbury's but obviously being a trademark I can not use their name !!. The bars had no outer wrapper as it served no use and paper was a valuable commodity. These are made from good quality milk chocolate and are totally edible, I am food hygiene registered. They do not have a best before date marked as obviously this would detract from there originality effect but have approx 18 months shelf life from purchase (if they last that long without being eaten .......), obviously please treat this as you would any other bar of chocolate - ie : don't get hot, wet, smash it , etc..... I also produce wartime Hard Tack, Toilet roll ration - see other listings.............. Go ahead and complete your kit....... Please contact me for bulk orders. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will try to help. Iam sorry but I now have to send everything recorded to comply withpaypal & rules as I have had an idiot claim for a refund 2 daysafter posting and they instantly refunded him - !! Please contact me for bulk orders. * These do not come with a best before date - they will keep indeffiantly as long as they dont get wet or too damp. They are made to original spec and there are still some surviving examples from the American Cival War,First World War.......... "PLEASE NOTE THE ORIGINAL HUNTLEY & PALMERS TIN IS NOT FOR SALE" Buyers in the UK can you pay by Cash or postal order.....Thanks. [email removed by ]

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