WW2 German Wehrmacht Panzer OK38 Orterkompass - TURRET COMPASS - Tiger Panther For Sale

WW2 German Wehrmacht Panzer OK38 Orterkompass - TURRET COMPASS - Tiger Panther

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WW2 German Wehrmacht Panzer OK38 Orterkompass - TURRET COMPASS - Tiger Panther:

You are offerding on a FANTASTIC and VERY RARE example of a 100% ORIGINAL WW2 German Orterkompass (Navigation Compass) and Mount! This was specifically used on the Panther, Tiger, King Tiger, Panzer IV, and Panzer II "Luchs"!

The OK 38 and FK38 compass were already being used in aircraft as an emergency compass or as an additional compass for the radio operator/navigator. Askania and Ludolph were two of the most notable compass manufactures throughout the war, and as both manufacturers built extremely reliable and sturdy compasses and mounts, it was conceivable that they would then develop compasses for armored vehicles.

This simple navigational compass ('Orterkompass') was designed into certain German mid and late-war tanks. An official factory drawing dated June 1944 shows this compass on the Tiger E, however there are no known period photographs of the compass installed on the vehicle.

As the OK38 compass featured a top display (the crewman was required to expose himself while using it), it suggests that this model was not for use in combat, but rather for cross-country movement off known roadways, and for recon-units to accurately note their own positions related to landmarks and enemy units. The compass housing was installed onto a thin steel sheet that was welded to the turret roof (see listing photos). The base was bent so as to hold the compass several centimeters clear of the steel roof plate, possibly to reduce magnetic interference.

When mounted on vehicles, the FK38 and OK38 compasses (both being of the magnetic type) had to be installed into a “Kompasskessel”, which was completely filled with "Kompassflüssigkeit" to avoid strong vibrations of the compass rose and measuring inaccuracy.

A special magnetic compensation is installed in the bottom of the compass housing and can be adjusted into a North-south and East-west directions; and two iron "ears" are located at each side. These ears held iron blocks that would naturally acquire the same induced field as the tank. By loosening the screws located at the top, and rotating them 180 degrees, you could reverse their field and cancel the tank's induced field. A special screwdriver, called a “Schraubenzieher” is screwed to the housing for easy access, which allowed the crewman to adjust the compass accordingly.

Beginning at the late staged of 1944, Heavy Tanks and vehicles began to be equipped with infrared searchlights and other devices to establish night combat capability.

IR-Panthers and UHU were coordinated by radio and the adjustment searchlight-tank gun should be synchronized using compasses.

A manual titled "D 2013/2 - Orterkompaß 38 mit Orterkompaßstand für Panzer" existed within the army, from early 1945.

Made of bakelite, brass and aluminum, this Panzer 'Orterkompass and Mount are EXTRAORDINARILY RARE! I have only ever owned one other of its type,whichhas been featured on numerous websites and technical articles. This specific one was found in Kurland, proving it was actually used in combat (all others known were NOS).

The compass itself is in VERY GOOD used condition, but as the compass has come away from the mounting pin, it is difficult to display magnetic north. Though it is the ORIGINAL compass to this mount, this can be rectified by the winning buyer by repairing, or replacing. There are no breaks or damage, however,and it retains almost all of it's fluid (there is an air bubble at the top). It is clearly marked OK38, FL. 23234,with some minor marks, scratches, and wear...but nothing that takes away from the overall appearance.

The bakelite Panzer Mount, is also inEXCELLENT used condition! It features special compensators mounted inside the bottom of the housing and can be adjusted from outside in North-south direction and East-west direction. A special screwdriver, called a “Schraubenzieher” is screwed to the housing, which allows for the adjustment. Some marks due to the age, but in otherwise VERY SOLID. As you can see in the photo, there is some damage to one of the bakelite "ears". Also features numerous makings and manufacture stamps throughout.

As it was recovered from the battlefield, there is some corrosion throughout, and one would have to use some penetrating oil to loosen up the screws. Should be a very easy fix/restoration to make it look perfect!

I have some various web links that discuss this in more detail is one wishes to know more info.

One of the rarest late-war Panzer items I have ever owned, it would make a PERFECT addition to any advanced collection or display!

Please email me if you need additional photos or information.

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