WWII Ernie Pyle Original Typed Manuscript Inv. of Sicily 31 pages 1943 Brave Men For Sale

WWII Ernie Pyle Original Typed Manuscript Inv. of Sicily 31 pages 1943 Brave Men

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WWII Ernie Pyle Original Typed Manuscript Inv. of Sicily 31 pages 1943 Brave Men:

WWII Ernie Pyle Original Typed Manuscript Invasion of Sicily 31 pages 1943 Brave Men World War II documentation This is an original document typed out by Ernie Pyle on the Admiral’s Flagship preceding and during the invasion of Sicily (Cape Gallo landing), World War II (15, July, 1943). It is original and 31 pages in total. My father was a signal man on the flagship and made an acquaintance with Mr. Pyle as he sent dispatches for the famous correspondent. I acquired the historical document from my father, Charles Bevington, in 2003. (Charles Bevington served in the European, African, and Pacific theatre). Ernie Pyle was a famous correspondent who was taken down by a sniper in Japan near the end of the war in 1945. This manuscript is the basis for the first three chapters of the book “Brave Men” (1944) with many very, very compelling details and less “politically correct” statements than the book contains. The text is fascinating — typed by Ernie Pyle in his all capital typewriter. (The typewriter was buried by enlisted men after Pyle’s death, and recovered quite recently and is now at the Newsmuseum in Washington, DC.) The document is 75 years old, some sheets are of course quite fragile and discolored, but excepting the last page of the manuscript, no parts of the pages are missing and the entire manuscript is fully legible. Ernie Pyle is considered one of the great reporters, born in August, 1900, he was considered one of the original “integrated reporters” who traveled with the troops and experienced all the conditions first hand. My father had a great admiration for him even though their contact was limited to his service in the Navy as a signal man. The associated press called Ernie Pyle, “the most celebrated war correspondent of World War II.” My father said he was felled by a sniper, but most articles intone that he was killed by machine gun fire. He died on April 18th, during the conflict on ie Shima, 1945. A photograph was found of his prone body, lying in a rather serene pose — sad, yet dignified in 2008. (search “death photo of war reporter Ernie Pyle found as I do not wish to include that image here.) He was incredibly well-loved by the men and women in the armed services and the nation as well. The text of this manuscript reveals his plain-spoken passion, but also his insight, word-craft, and incredible story telling. A gave a copy of the manuscript to the Navy museum, but there are no other images of this authentic manuscript extant. I am selling this valuable piece of history to help fund a book I am writing — Thank you for your interest and please ask any questions regarding authenticity or providence that you may have. Thanks for your interest. Shipping via insured Fedex, direct signature required.

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