By Leonard Kreskin
"For Motherland!"
The name of the artist is Irakli Toidze (a Georgian name); the second man wearing the fur hat between the two helmeted soldiers is a Georgian. The soldier 2nd from the left wearing a side cap appears to be an Uzbek or some other Soviet Asian.

"Partisans, beat the enemy without mercy!"

Partisans were guerilla fighters made up of local villagers. They were very effective because they knew their area well and could receive help from town people. They were well organized and took orders directly from the Partisan HQ in Moscow. Men and women were members, as well as teenagers too. The old man is holding a rifle, which seems to be a strange one. (note: this is an early muzzle flash hider ) Partisans never surrendered because they were sure to receive cruel torture and death

"For Motherland, for Honor, for Freedom!" The artist is Victor Ivanov. This was one of the very first posters produced when the Fascists invaded

"Communists and Komsomol members! Be in the vanguard of the fighters against the German Fascists blood thirsty dogs!"
Komsomol were teenagers of the Communist Youth League.
The author: Leonard Kreskin is a 2nd year computer design student in Moscow and works part time for an American brokerage firm. He is interested in Soviet war history because his grandfather fought the Germans and received many decorations. We welcome further contributions from him!

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