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For Bravery,2988211,Rifleman,147th Rifle Regiment,Stalingrad,Wounds 1946

1. Award card

Certificate 814758

Last name: Engibarov
Name and Patrionymic: Vasiliii Mikhailovich
Rank: Private
Sex: Male
Birthyear: 1919
Birthplace: village of Vardisubani, Dmanisii Region
Party Membership: n/a
Education: 5 grade
Nationality: Armenian
Service in the Red Army: 9.1939-6.1943
Place of service and duty position at time of awarding: 147 Rifle Regiment, 2 Rifle Division – Rifleman
Place of service and duty position at the current time: village of Vardisubani – Collective Farm Farmer
Home of Record: Georgian SSR, Dmanisii Region, village of Vubani
14. Awards

Award Serial Number Awarder
Bravery Medal 2.988.211 Supreme Soviet Edict dated 6.(?).1947

Verified 6 March 1948 by Dmanissii Regional Military Commissariat Major (?)


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