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Norm Braddock
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Red Star,0979991,Deputy Chief,Political Unit,Evacuation-Hospital 259,Long Service

Here's one done by Sir Ricksky of Koopyetz.:thumbsup

For long service in Red Army 15 years 11 months
Award Sheet ( Citation )

1. Last Name, first and middle name: Nikiforov, Vasilii Stepanovich
2. Rank: Major
3. Position, unit: Deputy head of evac-hospital No. 259 political unit
Is recommended for award order ” RED STAR”
4. Year of birth: 1901
5. Nationality: Russian
6. Party membership: Member VKP (b) since 1920
7. Place of birth: Leningrad oblast, Volkhovskogo raion, village of Bnilki
8. Participation in the civil war, and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR in Patriotic war (where and when) : Civil war since 1918 to 1921 and since 1941
9. Wounds and contusions: a. In civil war: none b. Patriotic war: none
10. In Red Army: Since 1918-1931 I since 22.6.1941
11. Previous orders, medals awarded and when: Medal “For Defense of Leningrad” 1943 order “RED STAR” 1943
12. Permanent home address: Leningrad, Khalturina street 6 apartment 10


Major Nikiforov directs party and political work in the officer's base hospital. Experienced and knowledgeable political worker, advanced in political and cultural relations NIKIFOROV quickly mastered the particular features in hospital work and delved into all areas. Personally Comrade NIKIFOROVconducted regular agitation and propaganda work among the wounded officers and permanent staff. With disregard to his own health Comrade NIKIFOROV’S constant concern for people and the organization of medical staff provided the highest quality treatment and care of sick and wounded officers.
A participant of the civil and Patriotic war Comrade NIKIFOROV, serving in units of the Red Army for more than 15 years is worthy of award order “RED STAR”
Head of political department
Home front administration 23rd Army
Lieutenant Colonel: (signature ) Anisimov

Commander (Head )
“4” August 1944

Conclusion of Senior Command
Deserves state award order “RED STAR”

Deputy Commander of troops-
Head of home front 23rd Army
General Major: (signature ) Shilov

Commander (Head )
The attestation agreement
Head of political department 23rd Army
Guard Colonel: (signature ) Stepchenko
“6” August 1944

Record card

Order book No. 727668

1. Last name: Nikiforov
2. First, middle names: Vasilii Stepanovich
3. Military rank: Major in reserve
4. Gender: Male
5. Year of birth: 1901
6. Place of birth: Leningradskoi oblast, Volyuovskogo raion, village of Gnilki
7. Party membership: Member of VKP (b) since 1920
8. Education: Secondary
9. Nationality: Russian
10. In the Red Army: Since 08.1918 to 11.1934 since 06.1941 to 06.1945
11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: Evac- hospital no. 1329, 23rd Army. Deputy head of hospital political unit.
12. Current place of service and position: Leningrad City Commissar- Institute Department of Public Nutrition
13. Home address of the awardee: City of Leningrad , Khalturina street house no.6 apartment 10
14. Record of all awards presented:
Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Grounds for award
“Red Star” 218902 982027 Decree of troops of 23rd Army no.0594/n on 30.10.1943
“Red Star” 979991 035163 Decree on 3.11.1944
“Patriotic war 2nd class” 451217 853002 Decree of troops of 23rd Army no. 0275/n on 14.06.1945
“Red Banner” 175546 218935 Decree on 6.11.1945
“For Defense of Leningrad” _ 09892 Decree on 22.12.1942
“For Victory over Germany in Great Patriotic war 1941-1945” _ 0160293 Decree on 9.05.1945

Signature of awardee __________________ ( signature )

Data correctness Leningrad City
and signature of awardee District Military Commissar
attested by: Gereral-Major ( signature ) Rastorguev
Position and signature

NIKIFOROV, Vasilii Stepanovich

Service in Red Army

Since what time To what time Name of position Name of unit and formation District ( front)
1918 1922 Rifleman, Military commissar Independent Battalion Leningrad military district
1922 1923 Instructor political secretary Leningrad military district V.O.T.P.U. Leningrad military district
1923 1924 Military commissar 25th Independent Battalion Leningrad military district
1924 1929 Head of border detachment political unit Detachment OGPU /4,8,5/ Leningrad military district
1929 1930 Cadet Higher school border troops OGPU Moscow military district
1930 1931 Commander regiment political unit 22nd Regiment troops OGPY Leningrad military district
1941 1942 Military commissar NAVTS- 1775 23rd Army Leningrad front
1942 1943 Deputy head political unit Army base No. 4 23rd Army Leningrad front
1943 Present Deputy head hospital political unit Evac hospital No. 259, 23rd Army Leningrad front

Information is based on-personal file

Chief of staff Deputy head of political department
“4” August 1944 Home front administration 23rd Army
Major ( signature ) Andreev

Conclusion of Army Military Council
Deserves award order “RED STAR”

Commander 23rd Army Member Military Council
General Lieutenant ( signature ) Shvetsov General Major ( signature ) Shamanin

Conclusion of Front Military Council

Deserves award order Red Star

August 1944 Member Military Council Len. front
General Lieutenat ( signature )
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re: Red Star,Long Service,979991

It's not often I get to see OGPU officers' citations for merit. Usually, I see lots of NKVD guys, so this is a real treat.:thumbsup

Thanks Normsky,
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