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Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic Эстонская Советская Социалистическая Республика Eesti Nõukogude Sotsialistlik Vabariik 21st July 1940 - 8th May 1990

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Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic Information/Queries Thread.

This is the Information/Queries thread relating to all things Estonian SSR. If you have any questions on the Estonian SSR or unidentified Estonian SSR Orders, Medals, Badges or other items post them here and questions will be answered and items identified before being moved into their own respective threads.

The Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (Eesti Nõukogude Sotsialistlik Vabariik) was founded on 21st July 1940 after Article I of the Secret Protocol of the Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union and occupation by the Workers And Peasants' Red Army on 17th June 1940 on the territory of the Republic Of Estonia (Eesti Vabariik). The Estonian SSR became a republic of the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics (Nõukogude Sotsialistlike Vabariikide Liit) on 9th August 1940 although this was not unilaterally officially recognised. The Estonian SSR was completely occupied by Greater German forces within the first months of the Great Patriotic War and the territory became part of Reichskommissariat Ostland on 25th July 1941 and the Estonian people fought in armed forces of both combatants. The Greater German forces continued to occupy the territory until late 1944. The Estonian SSR. After the destruction caused by the Great Patriotic War the Estonian SSR was extensively collectivised and industrialised.

The capital city Tallinn held the Sailing events of the 1980 summer Olympics.

The Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic was renamed the Republic Of Estonia (Eesti Vabariik) on 8th May 1990 and declared independence from the Soviet Union on 20th August 1991 which was recognised on 6th September 1991. The constitution of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic was replaced on 28th June 1992. Russian Federation forces left the Baltic Military District in August 1994.

Here we have;

#1 Flag from 27th July 1940 to 6th February 1953
#2 Flag from 6th February 1953 to 7th August 1990
#3 Flag From 7th August 1990
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