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Red Star,3835690,Helicopter Commander,Anti-Insurgency 1990

Originally posted by Dave
-Red Star - 3835690 (awarded 28 April 1992)
Just got the citation for this award today. It's spectacular!


1. Last Name, First Name, Middle Name: Akifiev, Anatolii Anatolievich.

2. Military Rank: Captain from 4 Feb. 1988.

3. Place of Service: Helicopter Commander, Helicopter Squadron (Mi-8), 292nd Independent Helicopter Regiment.

Recommended for: Order of the Red Star.

4. Year of Birth: 14 October 1962.

5. Nationality: Belorussian.

6. Party Membership: Member of the VLKSM.

7. Service in the Civil War, in later Battles in Service of the USSR and in the GPW (when and where): Served in the Military Forces in the R.A. from 20 Sept. 1985 to 1 Oct. 1986.

8. Have any Wounds or Contusions in the Great Patriotic War: None.

9. From Which Time with the Red Army: From 1 April 1981 to 30 Oct. 1981 and from 1 Nov. 1982.

10. Which Call-Up Station: Vitebskim RVK, City of Vitebsk.

11. Received Which Awards (from which order): Order of Military Service to the Homeland 3rd Class by ukase of the PVS from 9 Sept. 1986.

12. Home Address: GSSR, Tskhinvali, 2nd Military City, House 11, Apt. 17.

Short Concrete Description of Excellent Military Action or Service.

On 1 August 1990, the Group of Special Purpose Armies of the MVD of the USSR, on two Mi-8 helicopters, while scouting, located a group of fighters in the region of point 3118.9 of Mt. Kachaldar, Nakhichevansk A.O. [Armenia] Because of the skillful actions of the crew of Captain Akifiev, A. A., the helicopter was able to land in poor weather conditions on unfamiliar and unmarked place. Capt. Akifiev displayed high piloting skills, valor and courage, and was able to land the group of soldiers which resulted in the capture of the armed fighters.

During his time of service, Captain Akifiev, A. A., displayed himself to be a disciplined, literate and dependable officer. He is a pilot 3rd class. He has not had any accidents. He constantly works to raise this theoretical level. He has earned the respect of his friends and commanders.

He was discussed at a meeting of the constantly acting evaluation committee, report N. 18 on 20 Sept. 1990.

CONCLUSION: For courage and valor displayed during military duties in conditions with a risk of life, he deserves to be awarded the Order of the Red Star.

Commander of 292nd Independent Helicopter Regiment,
/s/ Lt. Col. A. Vostrikov
24 Sept. 1990

By ukase of the Presidium of the USSR on 24 Jan. 1991, he is awarded the Order of the Red Star.
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Not bad! :)
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Re: Red Star,3835690,Helicopter Commander,Anti-Insurgency 1990

This must have been among the last Soviet era awardings....
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