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Bill Garvy
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Nahimov,02623,Radio Operator,Borzhomi Operational Naval Base

Temporary Award Document

Form #2

For exemplary accomplishment of the Command’s combat missions in the struggle against the German invaders, Red Seaman Ivan Borisovich Mitin is awarded the Nakhimov Medal #2623 according to Red Banner Baltic Fleet (YuzMOR – South West Naval Defense District (?)) Order #37 dated 4th November 1945.

Signed Commander, Red Banner Baltic Fleet SW Naval Defense District Svi(?)molde Naval Base, Captain III Class Shavtsov

Award Sheet

Award Sheet to Nakhimov, Baltic Fleet (?) Order #37 dated 04.11.45
to Coastal RTS(Radio Telemetry System?), Naval Defense Region, Borzhomi Operational Naval Base radio operator Seaman Ivan Borisovich Mitin for the Nakhimov Medal
1. Born: 1926
2. Nationality: Russian
3. Social status: student
4. Party membership: Comsomol member
5. In Armed Forces: since 1941
6. Prior combat: n/a
7. Wounds or shellshock: light bullet wound in leg
8. Previous awards: Recommended in 1943 for successful accomplishment of Command’s intelligence mission
9. Previous accolades: n/a
10. Service in White or other bourgeois armies: did not serve or was not a POW
11. Home of record: [trans: entry obscured]

Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

Participant of the Great Patriotic War since November 1941. Served in the 443rd Rifle Regiment, 140th Brigade on the South West Front conducting four reconnaissance missions in the enemy rear area.

While navigating in 1944 he repeatedly participated in sweeping magnetic mines while being engaged by enemy coastal artillery and aviation. The minesweeper on which Comrade Mitin served retrieved 15 mines. On one of the clearing operations he was wounded in the leg.

Since 20th May 1945 he has worked as a radio operator on the naval defense region’s coastal (radio telemetry system?) providing uninterrupted communications between (?) and two naval cutters. He has done a lot to equip the station.

Conclusion: for exemplary accomplishment of combat missions, as well as personal courage and bravery, he is deserving of the Nakhimov Medal.

Signed Commander, Borzhomi Operational Naval Base, Captain III Class Reznichenko on 18.07.45
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