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Forum Announcements And Rules Read here for important announcements and for rules and regulations regarding viewing and posting on this forum.

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Getting Banned..What it is and how to avoid it.

General Policy

We take great pride in providing a clean, on-topic site. This forum is here to provide collectors of Soviet awards a way to exchange information with other collectors from around the globe. Discussion should be kept on-topic at all times, and material which is political, religious, racist, accusatory, inflammatory, disrespectful or discourteous towards other members or towards the moderators is not welcome and won't be tolerated. This forum is not a rallying-point or a soap-box for political or racist leanings or beliefs. If you cannot exist here with these very simple rules, you are not welcome as a member. Keep in mind, this is a private website and as such, we have the right to enforce any rules we like. Your access to this site is a privilege, not a right, and if you abuse your privilege then it will be taken away. These rules apply to all methods of contact with the members or moderators of this forum. If you are harassing members outside the forum, you are using our membership list as a vehicle to vent your aggression and it will not be tolerated.


Moderators are each assigned certain sub-forums to watch for message content that is not appropriate. They also watch over all the sub-forums. When they detect message content that goes against forum policy, they will act. The message may simply be edited, for example due to posting a commercial link or reference, or deleted entirely. If a member continues to post material which falls within the off-topic content described in the General Policy, the member will be banned ( blocked from accessing the forum ) according to the below. In general, this is the structure of banning that will lead up to an individual being banned forever.

1st offence: 1 week banning

2nd offence: 30 days banning

3rd offence: Revocation of Membership

Note: special severe circumstances exist which will cause an immediate revocation of membership. The three-offence banning is provided so that members who are in good standing are ensured that they are given an opportunity to re-consider the benefits of membership. If the member values what is going on here, they will have to live by these rules. If a member is being particularly hostile, with an obvious disregard if they retain membership or not, they will have membership revoked immediately.

If you are banned, do not contact us. The moderators vote on the decision to ban a member and any attempt to influence this decision may result in additional banned access to the forum.

All decisions are final.

Proper Marketplace Behavior

The Soviet Military Awards Page Marketplace (The Marketplace) is provided to members in good standing as a tool to encourage collecting and trading within the hobby. The Marketplace at this time is free for registered members to use and enjoy. This website, owner and moderators are not responsible for any negotiations between the buyer/seller/donor and accepts no liability in the exchange of anything transacted here. The Soviet Military Awards Page Marketplace is serving in an information sharing capacity only. Any users of The Marketplace are solely responsible for the information provided by the user.
Good business behavior will result in a pleasant experience, and build a reputation of reliability and trust. Bad business behavior will result in disciplinary action. If an item is offered for sale, or trade, or offered for free, via The Marketplace, all parties are expected to honor this commitment. If any party (buyer/seller/donor) does not complete the transaction under the terms selected by the classified ad listing party, then both parties are asked to try and resolve the dispute between themselves via email. If after two weeks, the deal is not concluded completely within the terms presented within the classifieds listing, the offending party will be banned for 90 days. Also, this will be considered an automatic 2nd offence. Meaning, if there are any future offences, membership will be permanently revoked.

Ending Auctions Early
Your ability to end an auction listing early depends on the amount of time remaining in the listing and whether the listing has received any bids. If your auction ends in 12 hours or less, and you've received at least one bid, you are not permitted to end your auction early unless you sell the item to the highest bidder. If you are regularly ending auctions early, your account will be subject to marketplace restrictions, and you may face disciplinary action as listed above. NOTE: IT WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF THE TIME OF AUCTION CLOSURE. SAVE ALL SYSTEM MESSAGES AS YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO SEND THEM.
If the item is lost/broken/no longer available for whatever reason, contact the administrator (Art) immediately via PM with a request to end the listing early (see below for more information). If you make a mistake when creating the listing, rather than ending it, consider revising the listing or adding a note to the items description. You are able to edit a listing for one hour after you create it. To end an auction listing early, send a PM to the Administrator (Art) with the following subject line "END AUCTION EARLY REQUEST" and include an explanation of why you want to end your auction early, and include a link to the item. You will be notified when the auction is closed.

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