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Kyrgyz Republic Кыргыз Республикасы, Кыргызская Республика 31st August 1991 -

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Titles, Honours and awards

In 1996 the Jogorku Kenesh, (parliament) adopted the law on State Awards, which established the following orders:

•Baatyr of the Kyrgyz Republic (Hero of the Kyrgyz Republic)– the highest order that the Republic can bestow on someone. It can be awarded for exceptional heroic acts in the name of the freedom and independence of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Baatyr medal depicts the “Ak Shumkar” – a White Gyrfalcon – and is worn on the left breast above all the other medals of Kyrgyz Republic. The first awards were made to the writers Tugelbai Sedebekov, Chinghiz Aitmatov, the Sculptor Turgunbai Sadykov, the astronaut Salizhan Sharipov, the politician Turdakun Usunbaliev and the actress Sabira Kumushalieva.

•The Order of Manas – which is awarded to people for their contribution to the political life of the country, strengthening democracy and the unity of the people, or for contributions to intellectual and economic life. There are three grades (or “stepen”) in the order. The medal depicts Manas riding his horse Akula carrying a banner – and is worn on the left breast before the other medals of the Kyrgyz Republic.

•The Danaker Order – which is awarded for contributions to peace, friendship work between peoples – especially in the international sphere, the development of national culture and science. The medal depicts the 40 rays of sunshine as on the Kyrgyz flag, and is worn on the left breast after the Order of Manas, and before any other medals of the Kyrgyz Republic.

•Baatyr Ene (Mother Hero) – which is awarded to mothers who have borne 10 or more children.

•Erdik Medal (The Medal of Courage – Erdik = Courage). This is awarded in recognition of selfless deeds in rescuing people, protecting public order, in the fight against crime, natural disasters, fire, catastrophes and other extreme situations – as well as brave and decisive actions in time of combat and service to the nation involving a risk to life.

•Dank Medal (The Medal of Honour – Dank = “fame” or “Glory”). This is awarded for a contribution to government service, industry, science and technology, creativity and education as well as for social and charitable activities.

•Kyzhyrmon Kyzmat Otogondugu Medal (The Medal for Excellent Service). This is awarded to members of the Armed Services and related bodies in recognition of services rendered. There are two grades – I: in recognition of 20 or more year’s service and II: in recognition of 15 or more year’s service.

•Ene Danke Medal (The Medal of the Honourable Mother). This is awarded to women who have borne or fostered nine children, or have worked with exemplary service for 15 or more years with orphans or invalids, or work for charities and educational institutions for more than 20 years.

The President issues an Ukaz (decree) nominating the person for the award, which is published in the mass media for public comment, and then a commission considers the nomination and confirms the award.

Honourific Awards can be marked with a medal, a gramota – an official document or certificate – and a title. They also carry certain privileges for the bearers.

Certain awards of the former Soviet Union are also recognized – such as Hero of the Soviet Union, and Hero of Socialist Labour as well awards issued by the former Kyrgyz Socialist Soviet Republic.

In addition, there are several State Awards such:

•The Toktogul State Premium – awarded in the fields of literature, art and architecture. Awarded biennially.
•The State Premium for Sciences and Technology. There are seven awards granted biennially. Some were awarded posthumously for work before Independence, perhaps notably to Kasym Tynystanova for his work in linguistics.
There are also honorific titles for achievements in various fields such as:

•People’s … Artist, Writer, Poet, Painter, Teacher … of the Kyrgyz Republic
•Renowned … Lawyer (Jurist), Doctor, Educator, Worker, Health Worker, Cultural Worker, Manufacturing Worker, Agricultural Worker, Builder, Transport Worker, Communications Worker, Geological Worker, Worker In The Field of Service to the Population, Economist, Worker for the Protection of the Environment … of the Kyrgyz Republic
In addition there are annual awards for:

•Quality, (in 2006, the Celestial Mountains Guesthouse in Naryn was awarded a Gramota – a certificate in the competition for this award.)
•Farms, and Agricultural Collectives
•Journalists, (called the “Zolotoye Pero” – “Golden Pen”)
•50 awards talented, creative youth who take First, Second and Third places in National and International competitions
•100 grants for the support of creative work and specialists in science, culture and the arts
•100 grants for “Veterans of Work” in the fields of science, culture and the arts
Each of the Ministries and Government Departments can also issue awards – for example: “The Best … of the Year”.

Other organizations can also issue awards.

Finally, people may be awarded a “Gramota” – an official document or certificate recognizing some particular activity of note.

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