Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can you tell me who received an award and when by using the serial number on the award?
A. No, researching an award by serial number is a very expensive process which requires the services of a professional researcher. If you have a Gold Star Medal for Hero of the Soviet Union I may be able to help for free.
Q. Can you identify this award for me?
A. Please look through the entire contents of the main site before contacting me with an identifcation request. I will reply only if I do not have the award pictured on the main site.
Q. My award isn't a Soviet award. Can you tell me about it?
A. No, I am only familiar with awards of the Soviet Union between the years 1917-1991.
Q. Can you help me find information on a relative who served in the Soviet Army?
A. Sorry, I have no information on any veterans. Try a search engine for "Russian Veterans Groups"

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