** Romanov Imperial Russian Empire Flag Banner Standard Tsar of Moscow Painted For Sale

** Romanov Imperial Russian Empire Flag Banner Standard Tsar of Moscow Painted

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** Romanov Imperial Russian Empire Flag Banner Standard Tsar of Moscow Painted:

Title: Imperial Russian Empire Flag Civil War Standard Tsar of Moscow Heraldic Tapestry

HISTORIC* 19th C. White Movement White Army Silk Banner

This flag is in fantastic condition for its age! Everything on this piece has been preserved extremely well and it has been professionally framed and mounted.


Very early notable Russian Civil War/White Movement Period Tri-colored Silk painted Imperial Russian Standard flag. This magnificent piece was believedto have been created sometime during the 1860's-1910's (during the reign of Alexander I, AlexanderII, or Nicholas II. (most likelyduring the reign of Tsar Nicholas the II) (I believe in 1858 the rider (St. George Slaying the dragon) changed sides to face the left) This piece was specifically made and for display purposes given its fantastic quality andcraftsmanship. This very well could have been created to be on display in the Tsars palaceor another very prominentaristocratduring the Imperial Russian regime. During Tsar Nicholas II abdicationin 1917 virtually all remnants of the Russian Empire were destroyed especially the regimental flags and standards making these kinds of pieces near impossible to find.

If you collect or are an admirer of these types of Imperial items then you know these kinds of items are found in museums and rarely available for purchase or on the open market.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I have other unusual quality military items and was lucky enough to acquire another fantastic earlier possiblyNapoleonicperiod silk painted ImperialRussianflag as well.


This historic piece depicts the iconic Imperial Russian Heraldic Crest on a tri-colored silk backing with a black sheep/lamp fur fringe. The crest itself features thesynonymousdouble headed eagle in all itsmagnificent. In its talons, the eagle grasps the illustriousscepterand orb. Thescepterand theGlobus Cruciger (orb and cross) are iconic symbols and the crowns atop the eagles with the laurelwreath really add another dimensionof beauty and history to this piece.These symbolic notions of the roman empire depicted within this flag really make you think about the history of it. The fine details and artistic ability of this advanced creator is nearly unmatched and thecraftsmanshipand visual efforts that went into this makes the item trulymesmerizing.

Perhapseven more amazingis the flagisn'tall that meets the eye. Theilluminating aura highlighted by this piece is in fact due to the flags unique composition and artistic techniques. This pioneering artist incorporated aluminescent material of what is believed to be antique crushed sequins (back when they were made of fish scales) which portray a magnificently beautifully essence throughoutthe coat of arms. (See middle photos for close up view) This masterful technique can be seen throughout the crest, giving not only a very artisticallytextured appearance to it, but also to allow the flag and all its glory to be brilliantly luminousand glow under any slightest sign of light. To further beautify this piece, the middle photos reveal an extremelyclose-up views (taken under a jewelryloop) of what appears to be dyed micro-pearls that were strategically placed and incorporated throughout this flag giving it an even furthermesmerizing and aesthetic appearance. (This technique can be seen in the center with St. George and the Dragon, on the globe and scepter and other prominent features. If you exhibit it closely, you can see the extremely fine beads)Further, itappearsthe artist created another aesthetic technique to the multidimensionalcoat of arms by hand detailing many complimentary features on the crest. (For instance, the crowns, eagle heads, etc.) Behind the symbolic icons presents a fine tri-colored silk panel backing with a wonderful thick black sheep/lamp fur fringe.

(I am unsure if it is double sided)

Condition:All-in-all the flag is in wonderful condition considering its material and age. The paint itself is extremely vibrant, denoting crisp details with minimal signs of deterioration. Unfortunately,there are some spotted separationsin concentrated areas along the bottom of the heraldic crest, a smallseparationon the left crown, alongwith a stain on the top right of the silk and two small ones on the lower right side of the crest. The sheep/lamp fringe is in wonderful condition and looks to show no signs of damage. It is full and looks very well preserved. The silk tri-color panels are in great condition and show virtually no separationfrom the other pieces and are wonderfullyand tightly be no repairs ormodificationsto this piece. I wish I could share with you all the provenance of this piece before I acquired it along with the history and purpose of where it was proudly displayed and its artisanal use but I do not have thatinformation. Perhaps that can be uncovered and traced in due time.


Flag: 23" by 30" with fringe

Fringe: 2" fringe

Frame: 27 1/2" by 34 1/2" and 1 1/4" thick.

This fantastic flag has been professionally framed, mounted, and backed in a27 1/2" by34 1/2" painted wood frame with an acrylic glass. Back of the frame is secured by hooks with wire affixed to the reverse enabling the piece to be securely hung.

I have had the pleasure of handing many fascinating pieces and I take the utmost care in preserving, securing and packaging such wonderful pieces. Although the case, I cannot guarantee the structural integrity of this item given its fragile material when shipping so I will do my absolute best to preserve this historic piece.

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