2 Transcribed * Affectionate Civil War Soldier Letters to his young niece Annie For Sale

2 Transcribed * Affectionate Civil War Soldier Letters to his young niece Annie
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2 Transcribed * Affectionate Civil War Soldier Letters to his young niece Annie:

Set of Civil War Soldier Letters to a young niece, Annie,

from unidentified Uncle Ned in a Cavalry unit

2 TrueOne-Of-A-Kind Civil War Soldier Letters

Soldier- Unidentified “Uncle Ned” writing to his young niece, Annie

Condition(scale 1-10) -6.5- Good, Used Condition for letters over 159 years old!Significant staining/toning on one, small holes at creases on both; edge & other wear like curls, creases, bends, tears, soiling, smudges, dirt, marks, & staining all possible.Writing is fairly clear and generally legible although it will take some time to decipher in areas.

PLEASE see the photos for the most accurate, objective description of the condition.


(2) Letters w/ no cover or other ID.

Please note – This cursive handwriting is inpen& is pretty clear and not terribly challenging; these period letters are often difficult to read, but given a small time investment, you can get used to translating most CW letters.

I have transcribed to the best of my amateur ability and have corrected most spellings to make it easier to read & have added punctuation and/or made paragraphs to aid in understanding the contents.

Please ask if you\'d like any additional information on entries or more photos. =)

Transcriptions – 

Letter #1

Camp Barnes

Hall\'s Hill, Virginia,

October 7, 1861

My Dear Little Annie

I have not forgotten that I promised to write to you once in a while and I shall write you a short letter tonight. It is almost ten o\'clock and you are probably fast asleep and I hope you will dream of your uncle Ned and if you do you must write and tell him all about it.

We have had a heavy thunder shower this afternoon and with the rain, hail stones came down as large as cherries. One or two of the tents blowed down and many of the tents had water in them knee deep but the tent I stay in, is as dry as can be.

I received a letter from Mamma Mary and perhaps I shall answer it next week if I feel like it. I should like to have you go up and see my Clara and give her a kiss and tell her that Uncle Ned sent it to her and I send you a piece of candy (might be why the paper stained strongly in one spot?) to pay you for your trouble. Be a good girl and then all will love you almost as well as I do. Tell Grandpa that I received two papers from him today and am much obliged. Give my love to all.

From your

Uncle Ned

Here is a Kiss

(Hand drawn diamond with \"for Annie\" inside.)

Letter #2

Camp near Kelly\'s Ford

November 16, 1863

Dear Annie,(his young niece)

It is sometime since I have troubled you with a letter so I will try and amuse you and myself for a short time by writing to you. Your mother writes me that you have commenced going to school and I am real glad to learn that you have and you must try and do the best you can. When you write me again be sure and tell me all about the scholars, what books you use, how you like the teacher, and in fact tell me every thing that interests you as it will be very interesting to Uncle Ned.

When you were quite an infant Annie, I did not think you and I should ever be very great friends for I thought that you were anodd looking little witchbut time or? my eyes even? made a wonderful change in you and I have since made up my mind that my Annie will do, in fact that you are right smart of a little girl.

My little mare and Colt (Dandy) are tip top. I wish you could see them for I think you would like them very much indeed. The colt will be seven weeks old day after tomorrow. He has been quite a traveler for such a youngster but he seems to stand it first rate. I keep a halter on him all the time now and I have got a nice little blanket that Jim puts on him every night and he looks funny ??? with them on. When I first had the halter put on him he did not like it very well. He seemed to be ashamed of himself and would not go near his mother, but he soon got used to it and now he stands just like an old horse.

I rode Kitty the other day for the first time since Dandy was born. She did not like the idea of going away from Dandy at first but she soon made up her mind that it was best. I rode Kitty about three miles out of camp to a place called Catlett\'s Station. When I turned around to go back to camp Kitty seemed to be in a hurry and I could not make her walk a step. Go she would and Uncle Ned could not stop her.

Jim takes real good care of them and we all try and make Kitty and Dandy as comfortable as possible. I hope to be able to make all hands a visit this winter and if I only can we will have a real good time. Now Annie when you receive this you must write me a good long letter. Give my love to all hands and wish a whole lot for yourself.

I am yr affect (short for \"your affectionate,\" I\'m guessing)

Uncle Ned

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