Armenia Supreme Soviet Badge Armenian SSR GOVERNMENT Silver Gilt #131 USSR Medal For Sale

Armenia Supreme Soviet Badge Armenian SSR GOVERNMENT Silver Gilt #131 USSR Medal
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Armenia Supreme Soviet Badge Armenian SSR GOVERNMENT Silver Gilt #131 USSR Medal:

Soviet Badge of a Member of the Supreme Soviet of Armenian SovietSocialist Republic

(Legislative Government of Armenia when it was a part of the SovietUnion),

screw back type, 1970s – early 80s issue.

This is GUARANTEED 100%ORIGINAL Badge officially issued during the Soviet era to one of the members ofthe Communist elite in Soviet Republic of Armenia – NOT a recent replica (we’veseen many of those on the market recently!)

The badge is inSTERLING SILVER with Gilt finish and Enamel. The quality is superb, absolutebest the Soviet Mint could produce. The reverse shows raised Moscow mint mark\"MMD\" with \"square\" or flat top \"D\", which is characteristicof Supreme Soviet badges produced in the 70s through early 80s. There is also an engraved serial number “131”;this number corresponds with the electoral district of the original owner ofthe badge. The Russian archives still contain information on the districts andthe members they “elected” to the government, so it may be possible someday tofind out who exactly was the original owner!

The elections in theSoviet Union and all Soviet republics were of course a sham, as all“candidates” were picked by the Communist Party, and no opposition was allowedeven in theory. Moreover, those who comprised the Supreme Soviet were lawmakersin name only: the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Moscow andespecially its all-powerful Politburo called all the shots and determinedpolicy for the entire Soviet Union as well as its republics. Nevertheless, themembers of the Supreme Soviet at the very least had great influence inlocalities where they came from and enjoyed many benefits not available – andoften not even known - to common citizens. Moreover, many of the top CommunistParty and military “big shots” were also members of the Supreme Soviets.Whoever was the owner of this badge, he was definitely one of the “inner party”elite!

The badge is in excellentcondition. The enamel is essentially perfect having only a couple of minisculecontact marks virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye. There are no chips,flakes or other significant flaws, and the enamel shows very attractive luster.The gilt finish is intact and bright. The screw post is about 9 mm long; thescrew plate has been replaced but it works perfectly well with the screw.


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