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CIVIL WAR BUCKLE - marked DINGEE. I got this in a collection of Civil War items. I believe this to be an original period piece. Will pack carefully. I ship fast within 24 hours. Please see all pictures and email me if you have ANY dir=\"ltr\" style=\"margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0;\">THE FINE PRINT...

The vast majority of buyers/buyers are great however, there always seems to be a problem child now and again. Having said that I have reluctantly decided to spell some things out in plain English so we all understand.

1. The selling price is not negotiable AFTER the sale, I will not succumb to response extortion.

2. When I package items I often incorporate USED packing materials. Recycling is a good thing!

3. I try to ship as economically as possible. Due to recent USPS issues insurance is usually purchased for items over $30.00.

4. I have sold and shipped over 6,000 items on over the last 23 years. I try to educate myself on the items I sell but please do your own research.

5. I take lots of pictures and describe items the best I can. Don\'t expect vintage items to be perfect in every way. If I see an issue I will of course point it out.

6. Grading items can be and IS VERY subjective. PICTURES should be your ultimate guide when determining an item\'s condition.

7. If you purchase an item and find an issue when you get it please contact me and CALMLY tell me about it before leaving FB. 

8. If you purchase an item and the description was wrong I will gladly give you a full refund once the item is returned to me in the same condition it was when I sent it to you. Do not try the switcharoo game.

9. If your item was damaged during transit an insurance claim can be filed. This is bothersome and lengthy but it is what it is. I cannot be held responsible for the mis-handling of packages by the USPS. 

10. I appreciate your offers and purchases. I work hard to find interesting items and do my best to present them accurately. Thank you.

If you have any problems with items 1-10 please contact me prior to offerding or buying.

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