Civil War Brass Arsenal .56 Caliber Minie Gang Bullet Mold W Plugs. Ex G. Moller For Sale

Civil War Brass Arsenal .56 Caliber Minie Gang Bullet Mold W Plugs. Ex G. Moller

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Civil War Brass Arsenal .56 Caliber Minie Gang Bullet Mold W Plugs. Ex G. Moller:

Provenance: The George Moller Collection (author of American Military Shoulder Arms, Volumes I, II, and III).

Among the rarest of all Civil War bullet molds is the Harper’s Ferry Arsenal brass .56 caliber gang mold. It is assigned the highest rarity (R5) in the reference book ‘Reloading Tools of the Black Powder Era’, by Tom Rowe and Ed Curtis. A mold similar to this is pictured in volume 2 of that series (reference the attached pictures). Note that mold pictured in the book (part of the Myron Whitehead collection) is in less attractive shape. In decades of collecting I know of less than 5 complete examples of these molds - and none not held tightly/available for sale. There was a slightly similar Arsenal gang mold of the same period for sale (plugs were individual and not one combined piece like this) at a prominent firearms site priced at $6,500. This mold is comparatively priced, but enhanced with the provenance and published book reference (highly recommend the winner purchase the book!).

This mold is complete and weighs 3.7 pounds. It is a work of art for its size, aesthetics, rarity, functionality, and history. Note the Mercury dime in the first picture is for size/scale reference next to this enormous mold!

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this unique unopened high grade Civil War rarity with exceptional provenance. Items from his estate regularly exceeded sale estimates by 2x, 3x, or more. While a rare offering by itself, the piece provenance makes it a unique addition to any collection that stays with it as its passed down for future generations of collectors while only appreciating in value. This item/provenance is lifetime guaranteed! I highly recommend that the winner print sale pictures to accompany the provenance history.

Please check out the multiple sales I’ve listed which include high end cased set tools (for percussion pistols, rifles, and revolvers), Civil War era bullet molds/moulds, early 1800s-Civil War US buttons, lots of CDVs, Civil War bullets, and items from the collection of George Moller.

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