Civil War Naval Dirk Dagger, Knife For Sale

Civil War Naval Dirk Dagger, Knife

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Civil War Naval Dirk Dagger, Knife:

This is a Civil War era dirk, most likely made in Great Britain or India and made for export. The tempered blade is 7 1/2" long with an OAL of 14", double edged and sharp. No markings.

It came to me still preserved in grease. Fittings are brass and zinc. The leather sheath is well preserved and the handle has a rotating swivel and lanyard.

Please study the photos carefully for visible condition. Because of the risks of loss or damage I do not accept returns on one of a kind artifacts like this. I do stand behind the originality and authenticity of my items if you contact me directly.

We refund shipping over-charges. Enjoy the photos and thank you.

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