P38 Can Opener JOHN WAYNE Genuine US Shelby Co. US Veteran Seller Ships FREE For Sale

P38 Can Opener  JOHN WAYNE  Genuine US Shelby Co. US Veteran Seller Ships FREE
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P38 Can Opener JOHN WAYNE Genuine US Shelby Co. US Veteran Seller Ships FREE:

Original Authentic P38 Can Opener US Military IssueStamped "US SHELBY CO"

The P-38 is known as a "John Wayne" by the United States Marine Corps, because of its toughness and dependability. Another theory for the "John Wayne" name is he used one in the army training film for the can openerto open a can.The can opener is pocket-sized, approximately 1.5 inches (38mm) long, and consists of a short metalbladethat serves as a handle, with a small, hinged metal tooth that folds out to pierce the can lid. A notch just under the hinge point keeps the opener hooked around the rim of the can as the device is "walked" around to cut the lid out (see photo).

Official military designations for the P-38 include "U.S. ARMY POCKET CAN OPENER" and "OPENER, CAN, HAND, FOLDING, TYPE I". As with some other military terms (e.g., "jeep"), the origin of the term is not known with certainty. The P-38 opener coincidentally shares a designation with theLockheed P-38 Lightningfighter plane, which could allude to its fast performance. One explanation for the origin of the name is that the P-38 is approximately 38 millimeters long. However,use of the metric system in the U.S.was not widespread at this point, andUnited States Armysources indicate that the origin of the name is rooted in the 38 punctures around the circumference of a C-ration can required for opening.P-38s are no longer used for individual rations by the U.S. military, as canned C-rations were replaced byMRErations in the 1980s, packed in plastic pouches.

The original U.S.-contract P-38 can openers were manufactured by J.W. Speaker Corporation ofGermantown, Wisconsin(stamped "Speaker USA") and by Washburn Corporation (marked "US Androck"); they were later made by Mallin Shelby Hardware inc (defunct 1973) ofShelby, Ohioand were variously stamped "US Mallin Shelby O." or "U.S. Shelby Co." The US Shelby Co. version is the main one issued by the military.

The P-38 is easily used. First, the cutting point is pivoted to its 95-degree position,[5]from its stowed, folded position. Then, for a right-handed user, the P-38 is held in the right hand by the flat long section, with the cutting point pointing downward and away from the user, while also hooking the edge of the can through the circular notch located on the flat long section next to the cutting edge. The can is held in the left hand, and the right hand is rotated slightly clockwise, causing the can lid to be punctured.

The can is then rotated counter-clockwise in the left hand, while the right hand rotates alternatively slightly counter-clockwise and slightly clockwise, until the can has been rotated nearly 360 degrees and the lid is nearly free. The lid of the now opened can is lifted, most often with the P-38 cutting edge, and the P-38 is wiped clean, and the cutting point is rotated back to its stowed, folded position. The P-38 is then returned to its stored location, whether that is dangling on a dog tag chain around one's neck, or in one's pocket if the P-38 is attached to a key ring.

Left-handed users simply hold the P-38 in their left hand, with the cutting point aimed towards themselves, while holding the can to be opened in their right hand, while also reversing the sense of the cutting hand movements just described. By tradition, 38 cuts as just described were supposedly required to open a can of C-Rations.

Unlimited List Of UsesBy Steve Wilson, MSG Proponent NCO, Dept. of the ArmyOffice of the Chief of Chaplains, The Pentagon
1. Can Opener 2. Seam Ripper 3. Screwdriver 4. Clean Fingernails 5.Cut Fishing line 6. Open Paint Cans 7. Window scrapper 8. Scrape around floor 9. Digging 10. Clean out grooves on Tupperware lids 11. Reach in and clean out small cracks 12. Scrape around edge of boots 13. Bottle opener 14. Gut Fish (in the field) 15. Scale fish (in the field) 16. Test for "doneness" 17. Prying items 18. Strip wire 19. Scrape pans (in the field) 20. Lift key on flip -top cans 21. Chisel 22. Barter 23. Marking tool 24. Deflating tires 25. Clean sole of Boot/Shoe 26. Pick teeth 27. Measurement 28. Striking Flint 29. Stirring coffee 30. Puncturing plastic coating 31. Knocking on doors 32. Morse Code 33. Box cutter 34. Opening letters 35. Write emergency letters 36. Scratch an itch 37. Save as a souvenir 38. Rip off rank for on-the-spot promotions. I'm sure you can think of 38 more!!!
You will receive one (1) NEW P38 Can Opener
Easy to use and carry in your pocket or on a key chain
  • The P38 is 38mm long & 17mm wide (approx. 1½" X 5/8")
  • Takes approx. 38 twists to open a can
  • Great for Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Survival, Bugout & 100"s of other uses
  • A great tool to have in the kitchen or with your gear that has UNLIMITED uses
  • Developed in the 1940's for our military
  • Used by our military in WWII, Korea and Vietnam to open C ration or K ration cans
  • FREEUSPS First Class Shipping (3-5 days)
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