Original Antique Civil War Map RUDE HILL MILFORD BROCK'S GAP Virginia Valley VA For Sale

Original Antique Civil War Map RUDE HILL MILFORD BROCK'S GAP Virginia Valley VA

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Original Antique Civil War Map RUDE HILL MILFORD BROCK'S GAP Virginia Valley VA:

Original Plate of "The Official Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies," Published the by the Resolution of the U.S. Congress of May 19. 1864, to serve as"The Official Historical Record of The Civil War, to be Accompanied by an Atlas of Battles,Troop Positions,Skirmishes, and Topography." The Atlas was never openly sold, and only distributed to Federal Depositories, Universities, Museums, and various Public Institutions. Of the only 10,000 Published, less than 1,000 Complete Atlases Remain.
Fine Adornment of Civil War History. Impressive on any Home or Office Wall.

Map of 1864 Virginia Operations of Confederate & Union Forces

Original PlateLXXXIV(#84) of the 175 Plates of The Official Folio Historical Record ofThe Civil WarThe Official Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Ordered by Act of Congress in 1864; Entered into The Library of Congress; and Published by theU.S.Publishing Office, Containingall Battle Maps, Field Reports, Correspondence, TroopPositions, Skirmishes, Coastal Surveys, Naval Battles, and Topography during the Four Years of the War - Theundertakingof Accumulating and Assembling The Atlas taking over 30 years to complete.
Part 17. Plate LXXXIV.
Original PlateLXXXIV (#84) of the 175 Published.
Original 1893. 123-yrs-old.

Shows Custer's Division. Confederate Positions.
(1) Sketch of the Cavalry Engagement, Milford, Virginia. September 21, 1864.
(2) Cavalry Action Near Brock's Gap, October 6, 1864.
(3) Sketch of Action of Rosser's Cavalry near Morrefield, Virginia, November 27, 1864.
(4) Map of New Creek & Vicinity, November 28, 1864.
(5) Capture of Beverly by General Rosser.
(6) Custer's Division, Lacey Spring, Virginia, December 21, 1864.
(7)Cavalry Action, Liberty Mills, Virginia, December 23, 1864.
(8) Cavalry Engagement, Gordonsville, December 24, 1864.
(9) Camps & Pickets of Army of the Valley District.
(10) Routes to Beverly, Virigina, and Back.
(11) Attack at Rude's Hill, Virginia
(12) Sketches Accompanying the Journal of Captain Jed Hotchkiss, Confederate Army, Toppographical Engineer, Valley District.

Intricate Detail. Julius Bien Engraved.
Map is inVery Goodcondition Nosoils, marks, or writings. No foxing. Nominal fraying. Single fold as issued.Not a Reproduction. OriginalLithograph Engraved by Julius Bienfor the "The Official Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies;" Commissioned by Resolution of Congress May 19, 1864, in accordance to serve asThe OfficialHistoricalRecord of the War. The Atlas was Never Publicly Sold, with only 10,000Volumnes being Exclusively Distributed to Federal Depositories, Universities, Museums,& Various Public Institutions. The Atlas Entered the Public Domain when the Atlases were withdrawn from Libraries and Other Federal Depositories over the pastCentury. Only 10,000 Published, and Less than 1,000 Complete Atlases Remain.
Impressive On Any
Home or Office Wall
Dimensions: 19" x 29.5"
So Large It Makes Itself the Conversation of Any Room

Map Shows Citizens' Homes & Farms, Churches, Railroads, Taverns, Cotton Mills, & Many Other Landmarks:
A Few of the Homes, Farms, Depots, Forts, Mills, Churches, & Other Landmarks located on the Map:Homes of Dr. Brock, P. Taylor, W. Browner, G. May, S. Hulvey, G. Ryman, J. Mock, J. Ashenfelter, J. Marck, D. Carroll, J. Shownlter, M. Mason, Jas. Kuykendall, John Harness, S. McNeil, Dan McNeil, McCarty's, J. Maston, H. Doll, A Summers, J. Kennedy, J. Cunningham, Dr. Newman, E. Goss, B. Harrall, Gen. Mee's home, Reuben Moore, John Kingree, and the Valley Turnpike, Milford, Leather's Ford, Shenandoah River, School House, Overall's Run, Landis' Shop, Mrs. Howser's House, Turkeytown, Custer's Division, Road to Winchester, Toll-Gate, Turnpike to Romney, Western Port, Piedmont, Bloomington, Ridgeville, Hammack's Gap, Plank Road, Mout Tabor Church, and many others.
(If you areinterested if anyparticular family names, homes, farms, or otherlandmarks are shown on the map, email me the name or landmark, and I will look to see if it on the map.)
Great for Genealogy & Family History as Map Shows Towns &Landmarks during the War; Some of Which No Longer Exist Today.
Fine Adornment of Civil War History.
The Atlas to Accompany The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies was Commissionedwith Resolution of the U.S. Congress in 1864, by which Adjt. General E.D. Townsend was Appointed Directorship of the Collection and Preparation of the Atlas, which was ultimately Completed and Published in 35 Parts in Sets of Five Lithographic Plates by the U.S. Government Publishing Office between 1891-1895. The 175 Plate Volume dedicated to Preserving a Historical Record of the War, each Map portraying a wealth of Knowledge and Information on Division, Corps, and Troop Positions; Battle Lines, Topography, and Military Strategy.
The sale is for theMap itself. A Frame is Not Included. The Framed Map shown is a PersonalLithograph of the AtlasFeatured to Show the Beauty of the Maps when Framed.

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