RUSCH Trulite Secure Mill 3 Laryngoscope Handle-Blade Combination - Med Training For Sale

RUSCH Trulite Secure Mill 3 Laryngoscope Handle-Blade Combination - Med Training

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RUSCH Trulite Secure Mill 3 Laryngoscope Handle-Blade Combination - Med Training:

Teleflex RUSCH Trulite Secure Mill 3 - One-Piece, Single-Use Laryngoscope Handle-Blade Combination - for Medical Training
The Rüsch TruLite SecureSingle-Use Laryngoscope from Teleflex is a one-piece solution with a combined blade and handle. This fully disposable, innovative system features reinforced critical components designed to perform in the toughest Operating Room and/or field conditions. The LED-in-blade design provides strong, focused, blue-white illumination that is close to the target anatomy for a high definition laryngeal view.
Perfect for medical training, as they are out of date. There are three in stock: one has May 15, 2022 for it\'s expiration, while the other two expired September 1, 2021.See pictures for details
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